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Within seventy or trail by as many as eighteen james harden now comes in after used to calls a timeout cappella has it inside the art and i'm a high left side over to james harden heartened back older chris paul checks his feet at the 3point line guarded by murray gets a cappella pick goes baseline those at the opposite corner to tucker sapa kia reza shot clock winding down areza runner down the lane is up in the air bharti 738 ninepoint lead here for the houston rockets to ball murray as a for denver top akita plausibly hand back where he threeman we've the barton barton gets down the paint lanes either on or off the window and down grill barn has been active as well in denver gets down to seven forty seven a forty chris ball dribbles behind his back exit out the harden guarded thereby beasley and jabs at of wants gets a cappella pick uses that gets inside the ark on the lady goes lofting layup is up in in with a left hand the ninepoint lead again for used in forty nine to forty two mall murray has it up the last away murray guarded out there by trevor a reason with ethos left side over the barton barton puts it on the floor gets a pick from lyles lobs it over to beasley dangerous pass but he handled it beazley said the baseline falls down throws it away right to chris paul outlet pass up the right wing to pj tucker tucker drives on barton lanes in runners up no good rebound comes down to parkway good defense by will barton's across the timelines and he's foul by pj tucker frustration foul after he didn't get a whistle on the other it gary hair is going to come back in four denver ryan anderson in four member or the houston rockets split cuts fellow will get the breed another nineteen seconds amish shot clock year for denver were a little over half way home in the second quarter duluth rashard it a new take it a comeback in here for houston as well and that'll do it for pj tucker luke.

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