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Me from the Marty Smith podcast on sportscenter with Kibo Keith Olbermann last night talking about how Clemson to just without one of their star defensive lineman going into the biggest game of the season. Next to Lawrence is absence from clemson's defensive lineup in the national championship is substantial from a depth and talent perspective. This guy's a consensus. First team all American three hundred forty pounds extremely agile a disruptive force for that great Clemson line. But this is not a surprise clemson's prepared as if they wouldn't have Lawrence for the better part of two weeks. Now, his backup Albert Huggins. Whom they call a co starter proved to be a worthy backup in the Cotton Bowl without Lawrence Clinton's defense, held Notre Dame's great running back. Dexter Williams to have his average output both in yards per carry. And in total rushing yards. Dexter Lawrence being out is still a huge blow. This is a guy that when you talk about continuity and depth, which are other worldly important in any sport. But especially in college football, we see depth and quality depth will out time and time again when you get to this portion of the season because you are at the end of a year full of attrition. You are at the end of a year that is an absolute grind of a season. And then you get that forty day or so layoff before the semi final order to try and retool that in the best teams are the ones like Alabama and Clemson that have demonstrated extrordinary depth throughout this. Now, it is a match up where it's the fourth time in the college football playoff. We've seen these teams matchup, obviously, the trio of national championship meet ups the one semifinal match up from a year ago. It's something that we become all all too accustomed to. But it got I think the ultimate facelift in this year, which is at the quarterback spot. Right. Like, you can you could keep cycling Alabama running backs through different guys in that stable all these freak test tube baby running back that looked like they were constructed in the same lab. You can throw as many hunter Renfro on the other side for Clemson. Why all the jokes the other day from our own. Randy Scott here on ESPN about just how long hunter end froze managed to stay in a Clemson uniform. He's gonna find a way back next year. We already know it's you can book that one. But with this team, you got a facelift at quarterback for both of these teams and for Alabama. We know it has been centered around to a ton of I lo and ever since that midseason change for Clemson. This is the season long version from Daboh Swinney of what we saw from Nick Sabin and the national title game last year the gumption to make a switch of the most important position on the field. When everything is. Is going well in this case for Daboh at least in the national championship. Jalen hurts had been struggling in the first half. There was a lack of production. And there had been this growing surge to try and get to on the field for them for so long Kelly. Bryant was playing well, but when given the opportunity Trevor Lawrence played better, and they said are ceiling is trying to beat Alabama. And that to a guy that they have over there running that offense in a way, we've never seen from that team before and Trevor Lawrence has responded, and for a lot of people the biggest response came in the biggest stage so far his performance against Notre Dame in the way, they took advantage of certain things with stellar. And they believe he's enough. Now, the other major factor, and that is the last time we saw someone give Alabama a truly good game. Was that SEC title game? We're two was banged up. So for more on that ankle to a tongue of I lo- that surgically repaired high ankle sprain. Allison Williams are ESPN reporter join Keith Olbermann on sportscenter last night putting Alabama's head athletic trainer. Jeff Allen are two hundred and eleven hours from the end of the semi-final game to the. Part of the national championship. He wants his quarterback to a ton of Isla receiving therapy in two hundred and one of those hours on his surgically repaired ankle that includes stem therapy for pain management, cold, compression, to help prevent swelling and inflammation to actually sleeps in this device. In addition.

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