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Community more coming, and we have, you can look what which ones we have their which ones you might Wanna listen to I have a couple of them I have my Andrew rap reports, rap report, and also a daily wrap report. The daily is Monday through Friday two minutes long. It's more of a quick answers to apologize questions type of thing, but my longer one I'm going to have just a friend of yours someone that you introduced me to this for tomorrow's. Susan Heck. We're going to talk about women's ministry in the Church. The problems of it how to find solutions. and. Yes, we're going to mention Beth more. Get your body armor on yeah. We're actually we're going to talk about why people don't mention her. White House divisive. She she her audience could be Apologize Live is another podcast that I do it's live Thursday nights eight o'clock eight to ten eastern time, and so if you ever have questions, you can come in there, but just and I were talking during the break. We have a ten I think now eleven pages of questions. We're not going to get through all of those questions during Cuna and so what we're thinking, we have questions. Let Justin we're talking from last year at the Philippines. We said we were going to do so I. Think what we're GONNA do is we're going to have justin come onto. Live maybe for a couple of weeks and work through all the questions that we have from the Philippines and from this one and so if you subscribe to apologetic live, you could just go to apologize live com-! There's always the information there and what that show is going to be for that week and so again Justin. Peters has his as well and again I'm just GONNA I'M GONNA. Mention I know Justin doesn't like me mentioning this one, but I don't like mentioning the next one, so consider supporting striking as adjusted Peters Ministries Justin Peters Dot Org is where to go to donate an awesome. If you want, do striving for eternity we're. We're putting this on. You. Could striving strength slash strong DOT ORG..

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