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I mean, she goes to the media with this story, she says. Look, I was a nurse. I was completely healthy. I was a churchgoer. And what's interesting and weird about Amy's story is that she can't pinpoint what it was that as you were saying, before, most people could say, Okay, I was playing with a wee Gee board I was doing, you know, I was, you know, repeatedly sitting over and over again and not repenting that they all have a reason they think That allowed evil, and Amy can't really pinpoint that. But anyway, she was a nurse completely healthy. Working in a hospital. One day a burn patient came in. And she said they thought it was. It was drug related meth lab something like that that had caused his injuries, and that details stuck out to me because I just thought it was sort of interesting, and as she's caring for that patient, she finishes up and all of sudden she can't walk straight. She doesn't feel normal. She goes home, and she was an avid runner. She can't run in a straight line. She starts having these physical issues that turn very quickly into mental issues where she is within a week being hospitalized. She leaves her job. And she's marriages. A family. She basically loses everything over this eight or nine month period. I believe it was and no doctor Khun Khun. Tell her what's wrong with her? She goes the Mayo Clinic. Everybody assumes some doctors say it's in your head. Other doctors. It's physical. They put her on all sorts of medication, and the story culminates and I go into it in detail in the book, where she is one day on the second floor for house And something told her in her head. She just dropped herself out of the window, not jump, not throw herself out of the window, so she sat back. Her back was facing the window. Right. So she's facing inside of the house, and she drops herself out of the window lands on the platform below and almost dies, And during this process, a woman Who does Deliverance Ministry. Here's through the church through this woman's church, Amy that Amy is in the hospital and what has happened. She goes to the hospital and essentially performs a deliverance and prays over her. And Amy has never had another mental health issues since then, right, so I'm summarizing this story here, but it is a crazy story, and she comes on the podcast. He's in the book. Talking about this and again, her family doesn't want her talking about it. People don't want her talking about it. But she feels compelled to help other people through her story. And so that's just one example. Well, I've heard so many stories like this many of them for my friend, 10 fish. I've had him on this program many times telling some of these stories, and they're very clear. There's nothing spooky. It's just It's an unknown realm, and it's kind of like dealing with disease. You can't just pretend it doesn't exist. You've got to say, what is this and what is the way to deal with this and can fish and others? Over time, They begin to recognize symptoms just way Dr Wood, and they begin to say that this seems like this, and then they start praying over that are they asked the person Have you ever had issues with this or you ever sexually abused or where You know, you start realizing Look, this is this is really and here's the bottom line. People are suffering. It's not about us intellectually speculating. There are people suffering. They want answers. They want to know why does this happen? Why did that happen? Ana. I'm here to say there are answers on we need to look at it. So again. I'm happy that you've written this book playing with fire. We'll have more with Billy Hallowell zero in taxes show. No news passion. This is am 97. The answer 71 degrees under clear skies. What's going on? We have the answer. President Trump says the Corona virus is the only reason the 2020 presidential races close at a rally in North Carolina. Trump claimed he was sailing to victory before pandemic even suggested China allowed the virus to spread on purpose. Also in the news, a pair of restaurants are closing due to a virus. Pandemic. Movies and Fuddruckers are dissolving since the company fell on hard times due to shut down. From the virus and now take a look here at Sports. The Lakers and Rockets currently in Game three MBA playoffs, 82 80 Lakers believe coming to the end ofthe third period, Miami Heat defeated the box 103 to 94 to advance to the next round of the MBA playoffs. And also, the Mets felt the Orioles 11 to earlier tonight. The Yankees also lost of the Blue Jays of score.

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