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Welcome to the Northern Kentucky spotlight. Thank you for joining us here. I'm gather Niro alongside Jeremy in the marketing and Communications Record for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce how to treat the house corona virus almost open. Treat me, Jeremy, it's it's getting better. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. I think I mean every. Everybody's being really positive about everything so and I've only got. This is the last episode with this this long long long here. On Monday Yup. Ruth did we're all fixed up and all that good stuff? So whenever you're haircut is happening ladies and gentlemen enjoying its feet but at the time we got a lot of good stuff to talk about today as we approach the Akkadian believe I'm saying this, but the end of May. We I. WE'RE GOING TO START OFF with Ashley Gallagher from Panera bread. She's going to tell us about how they've been surviving and thriving. Really in all this craziness and then Brent Cooper or one and only Brian. Cooper is GONNA. Come on and talk about what he's all over the weekend kind of fill us in what he's been hearing. and then finally are Christian Baldwin. She's GonNa. Come on and talk about why and how we're going to vote you know and get we got you know. We gotTA keep getting out and getting out and voting, but maybe staying in home in voting. ardell process Since years we'll be talking with her ahead and as always. We WanNA. Thank our sponsors through all of this CG, our title sponsor the Ellen in Federal Credit Union our studios sponsor, NC grew consulting our digital sponsor. Making all of this happened, bringing this to you and hey, we get to our guest. Remember subscribe and share and do all that fun stuff and stick around because Northern Kentucky spotlight will be right back..

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