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At twelve thirty six three wildfires in central washington are burning so close to one another firefighters are treating them as one big twenty three thousand acre fire as the sutherland kenyan fire group people living along the palisades road corridor were told to get out to us others the spartan fire in the straight hollow fire still burning near one anti grant county chief deputy derek greg called with our news a talked with our news parter carried away by the latest i think it will get worse before it gets better is based on the weather and how warm it's been because of the smoke an air advisory inflation grant county at this hour a washington man who was sentenced to seventy six years in prison after being convicted of one hundred thirty seven charges will be getting a new trial the olympia and reports 38yearold kenneth lynnville junior was convicted in 2015 of several crimes including leading organized crime burglary theft trafficking stolen property but an appeals court overturned all his convictions state court of appeals ruled that lynnville will have to stand trial again because his attorney failed to provide him with adequate representation the court found that fifty six the charges that lynnville faced should have had their own trial under state law scum was frank lenzi reporting a man who killed in everett woman and her 12yearold daughter in nineteen 97 gets his life in prison sentence reduced installments counties drew court judge ruling yesterday brendan backstrom must serve a minimum forty two year prison term his life sentence was reexamined after the us supreme court ruled mandatory life sentences for juvenile killers violates the constitution the everett herald reports he was seventeen when convicted of aggravated firstdegree murder in the deaths of marnie walls and her her daughter korea lynn and during the original trial backstrom than 22yearold code of and it was sentenced to thirty years in prison independence day not part of a threeday weekend this year but his comas area kinds tells us a recordbreaking year for travel is still predicted traffic managers use pass holiday data to predict when roads might be the most and least congested but holidays like the.

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