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Watching the Maryland women for a while as March Madness approaches, right? Yeah, absolutely. Number 7 Maryland actually just hit halftime at Ohio State. They're leading the 16th ranked buckeyes 38, 33 at the break as the terms actually outscoring Ohio say 23 to 17 in the second quarter, shooting 51% in the first half and brene Alexander. She had a big game in their last outing. She has 11 points to lead all terps in scoring in this first half. So a strong start here, diamond Miller ten points for the terps as they looked to go into the Big Ten tournament on a roll men's basketball a few minutes from tip off in the Commonwealth between neighboring schools, VCU and Richmond, a later start for James Madison, a hosting Georgia state at 8 o'clock. The wizards now just a matter of minutes from returning from the all star break officially, they will face the New York Knicks over at Capital One arena, the wizards in search of a third straight win. They won their last two of their three game road trip just before the break off the court Jordan Goodwin, a standard NBA contract now, his they waved will Barton in a move that was expected by the wizards in Atlanta, the hawks closing in on a deal to make Quinn Snyder their next head coach. They moved on from Nate McNeil, Nate McMillan earlier this week. Rob wood fork WTO sports. All right, rob, thanks. 6 47. Are you looking for a freaky watch this weekend either at the movies or at home? Film critic, Jason freile offers a roundup of theatrical and streaming options. First came snakes on a plane, then sharknado, now it's cocaine bear. Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the script is loosely based on a true story in 1985 when smugglers dropped the duffel bag of cocaine to be consumed by a black bear. A bear did cocaine. Meanwhile, the

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