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One hundred meters still clear. Way. Shit talk to me, Leone. David Sir he's running. Fast You've had in your way. Fuck kind of. Clinton. Tower. Sniper. They just lose you with a target lock everybody down. Get. down. God. motherfuckers. The shot the kids tangled sided the tower. Take a shot. Tayo down. Aldo yet to David hold your fire. Cover. The major dock although. Now. No He's not breathing. But his. Lt, I need to see this. Impossible The kid was frigging twitchy. Major He. David. He's not human. Mr Ota. What does this mean? This. Just simply isn't possible. IS HE PART OF CLAUSE? I I don't know. trenched. I would would would have. She Mama Mama Mother. See No. He was trying to tell something. Taylor those enemy cited. You Got Company. Pick your targets get ready. Looks like four foot mobile's. Their hands up no weapons. Stand down, everyone stand? down. Worded message to the Megan. I'm major Hendrix. I'm here as a sanctioned representative of the UN mant. We are only able to decipher part of what you sent. The envoy packet was damaged I'm afraid the messenger didn't survive. We have, come, under flag. Of Truce. Cherney Mata on. Dot. com. Goal is to. My friend here as happy with your returned our effort to protect you from this child lake in Phil, threat there by killing one of our man come solace help you. Thomas upon you. Know. FOR THE WAR MINNESOTA. Is. Quite Adam. That we should kill, you just try it Lieutenant Scott. I'm sorry for our response to your help we are just trying to get our heads around all this. I'm sure once I've had a chance to communicate with the ranking officers. Still throw you haven't encountered. They're quite effective the boy whatever it is helped us. We were attacked by an SRA unit yesterday twenty miles south in the town of Adrian. Defectors. Call companies have a bounded where costs does with haven't been slaughtered by machines. Yes. How long this one been taken you. Tagging the machine's quiet good that blended in. Finding ways to be in the white at in. Soto say one. Syrian. Well. As you see. There is just the four of you. And the Pierce to be so. Major, may I go ahead these infiltrators? When did they first appear? Do the all. The David Volvo which should go inside. It's not safe in open. Your tiny wants like to hide and the nokes and then Bob. As much share. Think we're kind of thing what goes best through three. Did. You. Bring in.

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