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Three point one K. B. K. fifteen thirty AM it's all we're going to give our listeners a chance to make his final point here we go that's all right we'll talk to John in antelope hello John you're on the prowl so Hey Brad how you doing man good thank you John yeah a couple things are you locked out you're talking at the Coachella thing being postponed or whatever but I'm thinking I've never visited something like that I would never go out but seeing what I've seen I'm Lou is probably the least of their concerns about catching something we didn't run into and heaven running something out I also care to how many people get sick from that place you know it's gotta be needles lying around you see the amount that you you said you would never go John though you said no I'll never go no well tell me why John besides a corona virus tell me why it's not like you know you're you know yeah you well on a lot yeah it could be some other scares going on for sure John that's pretty funny Hey John thank you yeah charts yeah I think that's why the least of the concerns there at the Coachella oh boy mmhm wow so what do we have we have ban on flights from Europe we have the king's pelicans canceled we have the NBA season canceled we have people saying we're over reacting we have the the present canceling stops in Colorado one of and the vada as a precaution people upset that the kings game didn't go on as planned tonight let's see what else we received word that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson we're tested positive for the coronavirus both were in Australia for the pre production of this untitled is Basel Lerman's untitled Elvis Presley film for Warner brothers I in the film the two time Oscar winner Tom Hanks lays Presley's long time manager colonel Tom Parker in a separate statement from Warner's from Warner's acidity they they became quote aware that a company member on quote from the film tested positive for the covert nineteen it working closely with Australian health agencies to identify and Contax contact excuse me anyone who I may have come in direct contact with the individual Sir Tom Hanks released a statement hello folks he says reed and I are down here in Australia we felt a bit tired like we had colds and somebody and somebody agencies we really had some chills they came and went slight fevers to to play things right as is needed in the world right now Tom says we were tested for corona virus and we were found to be positive well now what to do next so the medical office officials they have protocols that must be followed so users will be tested observed and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires not much more to it than a one day at A. time approach Tom Hanks who is from Sacramento by the way says take care of yourselves will keep the world posted and updated the movie companies is we is that they were they they were made aware that the company the company member from the L. this feature film which is in pre production on the Gold Coast Australia tested positive for it so they confirmed it they're working closely with the health agencies there to identify card thank you so now that's what it was and then the other part of this today of course is the T. WHL the World Health Organization today to clear the rapidly spreading corona virus outbreak a pandemic acknowledging what does seem clear for some time the virus will likely spread to countries all countries on the globe the director general saying the situation will worsen and we expect to see the number of cases the number of deaths and the number of affected countries climb even higher so what any as of as of today a hundred forty countries reported that a hundred eighteen thousand of contracted covert nineteen disease caused by the virus why the United States or four or for a week's worth three weeks four weeks any of state local laboratories could even test for the virus server thousand cases diagnosed twenty nine people died authorities here warning continuing limits on testing me the full scale of spread in this country is not you know any also that's about everything we know but everything we know on that nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty if you do have a commenter thought nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty on a completely different notify may I saw this creep was convicted and a new emperor we'll have those stories more your phone calls straight ahead sprout wall so building up better Sacramento news ninety three point one K..

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