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You have this week the better what about sending his scouts home that they're not going to be involved on Thursday night or this weekend in Nashville. Yeah. I think that was blown a little bit out of proportion. Just because you know, it's not totally out of the ordinary that they get Easter weekend off. And I think it was expected that there would be a lot of overhaul or turnover in the scouting department after the draft because if the new GM, I mean, you need the scouts up until the draft because they've done a whole season's work of worth a whole season's worth of work on these college guys. But I think the one thing that maybe was a little eyebrow. Raising was that they they wouldn't come back, and that, you know, whether it be signing undrafted free agents or guys in the late round that may Gruden may need input on these scouts reportedly won't be there to do that. So it was a little surprising. The not coming back part and how they're staying home for good. But in terms of sending them home and then on the back end eventually not coming back. I I wasn't too surprised by that. And if there's anything I take away from it. It's that may like is over. Compensating for kind of his tendency and the tendency this time of year for for leaks to get out, and there have been leaks in the building as recent as last year, and even so you know, a couple weeks ago. So I think it's now just being overly cautious in his first year as a GM, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I don't think that should be cause for concern. If you're a raiders fan would have found if you took a poll their perception of Derek cards what? That's interesting. I think it's probably about seventy thirty in favor of Derek Carr. And that's pretty much. What raiders Twitter has been all the talk about. I think if you pull Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock gets a little higher. I think raiders fans realize and the NFL world realizes that. Derek Carr needs more around him. I mean since he broke his leg in that second last regular season game of twenty sixteen. He has been nowhere near the same quarterback. But that is also because last year he had Jordy Nelson. As is number one wide receiver for the majority of the season after they traded Amari Cooper. He's had the offense of line last year that allowed him to be sacked fifty one times twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen combined. He was sex thirty six times. So I think this year you've seen it with the additions of Antonio Brown tyrel Williams making Trent Brown the highest paid off -fensive linemen in history. This year's really about surrounding Derek Carr with those pieces and seeing who the true Derek cars. 'cause I really don't think he's guaranteed coming to Vegas with the raiders next year. I guess that being said that's why I don't think they're going to draft a quarterback this year. I think they're going to get him one more year. But then after this year, I think anything goes if Conor Murray falls he's there at four what are the raiders to? I think they trade back. You know, I think will be there. I think it'll go Quinton Williams Bosa Josh Allen, assuming the jets stay put. And I think the phones at raiders HQ are going to be buzzing off the hook. And may has talked excessively about not wanting to trade back but wanting to add picks in the thirty to sixty range because he feels especially in this draft. That's where a real hotbed of hidden talent can be. So I think if Kyla Moore is still on the board at number four you're gonna get teams like Washington like Miami buzzing on your phones wanting to trade up ahead of the giants. If they think they're going to pick Murray or even doing Askins who knows maybe doing Haskins is the number one quarterback everyone's gonna cut it in this draft. So I think if Kyle Murray is still on the board at number four the raiders resist that temptation as much as Jon Gruden loves collar Murray. And does he's a quarterback guy. He's a good player, we know much he loves him. But I do think they trade back to middle of the first round..

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