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Henderson is a nurse who was at that Louisiana warehouse where half a dozen evacuated elderly people have died Island they were in pain. They were hungry, Water thirsty. Those warehouse that's now under investigation. At least 65 deaths are blamed on Idol from the Gulf Coast to the North East. New York City was among the hardest hit by that storm as well, and the city is opening centers in all five boroughs to help people with major storm related problems more from WCBS TV's Corrie James. The Office of Emergency Management says the goal is to link renters and homeowners with resources on every level. They can get some advice on combating mold. They can talk to mental health counselor from Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. It is we bring all these services together under one roof for the second straight year, Definitely not a normal final holiday weekend of the summer because of the Delta variant Covid 19 has come roaring back. That has some travelers very cautious. We are starting to get out and that we're being careful. The virus is still out there and people need to be careful. But we are trying to have a little fun in between. Sean Fulkerson, visiting his daughter in San Diego from Oklahoma City for a news agency reports tonight tell of an ISIS attack in northern Iraq at a checkpoint near the city of Kirkuk. Iraqi sources telling the French news agency a F P 13 police officers have been killed. A memorable television personality has died. Stacey Lynn looks back on the life and career of Willard Scott. He did the weather on the Today show for three decades and was also a big personality. I'll get this right, Wister is it Mo Wister, Massachusetts Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and they will have the 10th anniversary of Guess what? Chimney sweeps. Willard Scott also started the tradition of celebrating people all across the country who reached their milestone. 1/100 birthdays, tributes pouring in on social media, including from al Rocker, who wrote He was truly my second dad. And I am where I am today because of his generous spirit. Willard Scott Dead at 87. This is CBS News. WBC news time 43 the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three. It's three minutes after four o'clock, and you know what it's doing. Okay out there on area roadways, just some light traffic out and around a lot of people sort of snuggling in. It's a great night to be sleeping North bound on route 4 95 right now we do have a little bit of a mishap. Just a little bit before root for it's going to slow you down for just a little bit of car in distress and motor is to go along with it. Traveling right now on route to heading eastbound and westbound from pretty much Westminster all the way down to conquer. You won't find any trouble there and down to the South. No major issues on routes 95 24 or three after the North are in good shape right now, on route 95 from PVT. Right up to Salisbury and Peabody to gloss around route 1 28 looks pretty good. Traveling in the downtown area. No major issues saving and fair except for a short delay on steroid drive inbound towards Leverett Circle, the the expressway North Broughton in great shape between Braintree and Boston about my nine minute ride might as well make it a 12 minute ride and relax and enjoy it a little bit in there, And right now there are young people across the world.

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