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His middle school in Monrovia has been deep cleaned overnight because the parents may have been exposed to the covet nineteen corona virus the Perrin at Clifton middle school is a health care worker who came in contact with someone who was exposed to the virus the school is still open the parent and his or her children have put themselves in self isolation let's take a look at your drive now in the ten there is a reckoning Redlands on the westbound ten before Alabama street injuries involved in this one the two right lanes are gonna be blocked expect that to be a challenging driver coming away from Wabash mid city Los Angeles on the ten he's been at Arlington there was a still currently that's been cleared your druthers to pretty jammed up at la Cienega Boulevard eastbound ten out of Culver city into downtown Los Angeles yourself about twenty five minutes okay fine this guy sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff father troubles on the two ten all right but challenging morning to put it mildly here we're gonna start with the west bound to ten now from well Urbandale into Pasadena at the beginning of the transition I'm sorry for my with those white lines that go north up by the Rose Bowl that section of the two tenths the left lane is blocked there from a buy rating a long long time this morning and it's really a crawl coming in from the six oh five and another problem on the two ten unusual spot disease to ten at the one eighteen at the packs an onramp actually we've had lanes blocked there in the backup is almost it's going through rocks rate always back to the five and the Glen oaks and foothill they're all kind of busy going out towards the one dean solved long time delays there as well injured in an accident as a super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff KFI am this guy can't find this guy helps get you there faster a robin banks the ducks defeated the Colorado Avalanche thanks to a last second overtime goal from Richard Raquel final score forty three the kings.

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