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An R B. I single. It is three Nothing. New York leading Arizona. From the 60 Indians up 81 on the Reds. Big hit here. Cesar Hernandez, his bases loaded triple in the fourth inning. Top seven in Miami Brewers up 5 to 1, the Marlins Maurice Areas, bases loaded walk quick. Milwaukee on top top of the fourth Red Sox running away from the Orioles. It's eight to Boston. Also in the fourth Mariners lead the Rangers, 52 and the White Sox did all their scoring in the top of the first eight. Big run started off with you on Moncada to R B. I double it's the White Sox ate the Royals. Nothing. Blue Jays lead the Astros five to Jansen and be Geo with Toronto home runs. Phillies up three Nothing on the Braves coming up top of the hour, the Angels host the Dodgers. Earlier Glaber tourists with a game winning in fields quiver in the bottom of the 11th Yankees got buy shares her and the Nationals. 4 to 3. Cardinals outscored the Rockies 98 Paul Goldschmidt, two run homer. A four run, fifth inning. Four ST Louis Covey's beat the Pirates 32 Giants roll past the Padre Severino one A's double up the race 63 of the Tigers with Cabrera. Breaking the time of the seventh inning. R B I single defeated the Twins 7237 games on the MBA slate for the Saturday third quarter pincers lead The wizard 68 67, also in the third, Sixers up 64 58 on the Pistons in the second. Grizzlies and Raptors are tied at 40 apiece. Four more games coming up at 10 O'clock eastern, including The Nets visiting the Nuggets, both teams with more than 40 victories this year. 14 games on the NHL slate on this Saturday. Islanders lead the Devil's 31 in the second. Also the Canadians up to one On the Maple Leafs. No score between the Flyers and the Capitals. And I might be can speed see from Tiki and see any tune in Monday at three Eastern Noon Pacific in the Packers and Roger's mend this broken relationship or will the NFL.

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