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You, Tommy. Corduroy on wearing. A fire. Join up again quarter does not Shad rug is fire. Orange shag is that what the kids are gone. We agreed shag growing orange. All right. Shag. And I understand we're all going through a lot of stress to focus. No, can we just stay on bread. Carpenters are think Ryan night the baby of the family thing. We just talked to Matt Miller about he said if you haven't figured out yet rod Rosenstein is not a patriot. And somewhere along the way flipped over to the dark side. People all going to be on the wrong side of history. Okay. Adam Schiff, smooth, jazz, congressman. He comes. He tweeted Robert Muller must testify before congress when we will make sure that he does the American people have every right to hear directly from the man who conducted the investigation, they certainly cannot rely on bar who has misrepresented Muller's work from the beginning. It makes me at least that people like Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters are out there. There's a lot of stuff going on that we don't even know. But the fact that he's chairman of intelligence, and she's chairman of financial services and anti Maxine is going to get those. Tell you that right now and the DOJ banks stuff. So. Yeah. Ian tweets, it's telling that, the very last line of the Muller report ends with quote, no person in this country is so high that he is above the law, and then sites US versus versus Nixon. Then it ends me thinks smallers ending was not a happenstance. Yeah. I was I was reading that again. And I was like, oh, yeah. That couldn't be clear the very last line Delaney in Missouri. Hello. There and get your speaker. I was hoping sure or such mazing research, and she has been working weapons on with y'all dark and the former Soviet Union and the emphasis right now, I understand obviously on the Muller report and on the campaign and the Trump administration, but Republican party seems to have been tied in with this stuff. Yeah. You know, I it's deeper been the NRA. And I don't know what kind of what how Delaney why shouldn't balloons e Graham have to step down. Now as chairman of the Senate. He he just urged a private citizen to defy a subpoena or take the fifth, right? Don, jR, absolutely panicked. Crazy and Wallace and got to be. I mean, there's got to be stumping pretty serious going on if there's more than just getting reelected. This is you know, in in our current political climate that's enough to make somebody completely told her soul. But I can't help. But feel that there's obviously something very big and answer the Republican party as well. And we're not hearing about it. But I think they're all compromised. They went over there on July fourth how much more open to be. They went to Russia all these Republican. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Till they need is as bad as you think. And yet it's going to get worse than Syracuse your joins us. Scrapped yourself in. Thank you. Thank you. All right. State bouts going to bump. What are you? Don't hide in your shirt. Okay. She's back. You just went full Mitch McConnell with a scaring me..

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