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Like i feel like this is like us i. It's big to me. It's big news that you g is mining because some conaco is to up in barking up to slide of that the other day and that means that someone internally is thinking about this and they've worked it up the chain with oh god approval for it and once they start seeing what it's about it it takes off right and so like if you wanted the people on twitter that's an ozone big deal. Fuck you is a big deal. It's big large into a lot of people that get into it and then go. That wasn't for me. It's a good point. Yeah seeing people getting into it. It spreads like wildfire yada. It really does. Yeah so it'll be really interesting to see what happens over the next. I mean even year to two years. I think you're gonna see a lot. More talk about an adoption may go to these. Bitcoin meet ups. And there's a heavy presence of oil and gas guys and girls talking about it. you know so I think that it's exciting. To say. Hardly believe you're gonna see nearly every oil company exposed to bitcoin by at least holding it at some point oil's going to trade in it. Yeah or they're actually you know mining with it and i think that it can be not just on areas where they have you know assets that are challenged to get to the market or single wells that you know a pipeline that needs to be fixed. So they're putting a bitcoin. Like i truly believe that there's gonna be a tunnel. Oil companies that just dedicate some portion of their gas stream and realize like look all of our all of our operating expenses. This will be covered by all of our traditional production and this is appreciating value. If we hold it. And i think you're gonna see a lot of it. I agree one hundred percent man so fascinating conversation with guys You know. I think that had few episodes on bitcoin mining now couple over with kolia crusoe which chris's coming at it from different angles so get different perspectives I really like you know when you made that post the other day out at location during nighttime like i'm like dude i fucking isla to 'cause twitter's like anti hustle porn and like they hate the idea of like working hundred hour weeks going off in the middle of the night and so i was like i was like anti hustle. Twitter pictures working in the middle. Either because i guess that's what you do like gallagher you know the former ceo tweet that one. He used to work for him. I was at parsley. Did you shout out to gallagher. But yeah i mean it's just like we said that's i think one of our advantages that we are oil and gas guys. We've we've lived in. Yes no job. That's two smaller medial for us. I mean we're loading minors in u hauls and plugging them in ourselves. love it. we're changing filters are so so we're gonna sometime soon. I'm linkoping you guys gonna come to wyoming videotape. Go walk the mind. And i'm gonna hang out a couple couple of days. See what it's like operating a mine. Sure if anyone wants to check you allow where can they find. Y'all y'all have a website.

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