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About as good as a game as you could get a twenty-seven on thirty five attempts two hundred sixty four yards three touchdowns he had sixty two on the ground Just terrific day for him especially if he adamant fantasy on the ground though mild sanders lead today day. Form fifteen carries seventy four yards Kenny gain well who was popular in draft rumors. For the falcons season at nine carries for thirty seven yards ending touchdown in through the air. Obviously with her at seven three touchdowns you know. Devante smith takes First round pick six receptions seventy one yards touchdown jalen. Rieger who struggled last year seemed really good on six targets. He caught all sakes forty nine yards and a touchdown in dallas of their tied in falcons always struggle against tight ends. He had four receptions. Forty two yards and a touchdown. Yeah i mean. They struggle in the air game all day. Oh yeah and what was odd is. I don't want anyone to think that you know. I felt like this was a good defense. They weren't they. Were decent enough. I think for the fact that the offense was just giving him zero help on the other side of the ball I i felt like they were Good enough to win this game. Offense did what we believe. They're capable of but on the flip side of that. It's like the they were able to get to fourth-down stops which they let the eagles like march down the field on them and then stopped him twice on fourth down. I don't understand how they did that. They did in. That's sort of the story. For me with the falcons defense. They lead the eagles mostly do what they want to do. But when it came time they were able to get some really key stops. So it's a mixed bag for dean peas And honestly with a rookie essentially quarterback. This is his first years. The coming in starter for jalen hurts even though he started you games last year. He's still functionally a rookie. This is his first time Really being the guy going into the this season he's got three receivers who were drafted in just the past year or two including as mentioned smith this year in for them to just basically drop thirty. Two on this falcons team at home in their first game under new coach a new offensive coordinator like their head coach. Surani he was. He's barely been like. He's in his thirty one. The youngest coaches in the league. There's barely been play caller. And he did that to the defense but for me. It's it's the trenches van. Grady jarrett needs some help Down in the middle and this is something where until we see. Some of these guys stepped forward. This defense is probably gonna be this mixed bag all year long. I still have faith for players like diaw jones. Aj terrell in for the long term potential for guys like Richie grant in jalen hawkins secondary but this team just cannot seem to get it together in the trenches and it looks like disperse game. That's what the story is. And unfortunately you're making a great point in unfortunately as you said. This is a season long thing. You don't you can't. I'd say if you were able to fix an area like running back if you were having problems with a rushing you could bring in a running back in probably make it serviceable. The trenches is the hardest thing to like group to address during a season. Because there's no guard out there who's gonna fix this line. There's no defensive lineman right now. Who's out there available. That's gonna fix this line right. You're pretty much just hoping guys step up. If they don't you're just hoping they get a little better to wear like they can make some place because there's no fixing either side of the ball you can switch around player scher like. Maybe we'll see. We'll talk about offense in the second but like kobe Guests said or whatever from who they picked up from cleveland off waivers. maybe he comes in and gives. I mean i can imagine he do a better job than what we saw. Today from. Mayfield but i feel like knows better. Job may feel like those. Are the subtle changes that you can actually make in. Maybe it'll help. But if you're expecting them to bring in quitting nelson or something. You're not finding anybody who's gonna come in and fix everything not in. That's off season stuff and honestly some of this is where the line is concerned. The offensive line is less about the individual performances in more about the cohesion of those guys. Have some of this may get fixed over time as these guys play more together. We have to brand new starters on the offensive line at center at left guard and i fully expect. They're going to see what veterans are available and left guard this week. I do not think the plan is going to be. Oh yeah just. Keep rolling with jalen mayfield. This point you and i were joking. That he made legitimately get a single digit score in. Pf this This week he was that bad. I do think they're going to look at. What options are available as far as free agencies concern to fix at left guard spot. They have to. I mean you can't let matt ryan continue to have a second half in the pocket Although i will say the irony here is an. We'll talk about the falcons. Offense admit it is that they actually were fairly good. Run blocking early on. But we'll we'll save that for the second. Half of the podcast. The eagles offense though man like if you were playing fantasy and you just decided hey you know what No one is picking up. Jalen hurts because he was one of the worst rated quarterbacks last year. but he's playing the falcons. I'm going to pick him up on waivers. Just because i think there's a chance he may end up being a pickup. You probably have cashed out. Yeah like twenty seven. Thirty five to sixty four touchdowns. No interceptions isn't this. This is like the same story. With the falcons. Defense making below average quarterbacks. Look like absolute stud right. If there was ever a week in fantasy cash out on jalen hurts insisting this week and i wanna say to Philly fans if you're listening to this podcast first of all welcome aboard and thank you for also. Why in why. But i would not go into the rest of the season thinking that Jalen hurts is going to be this pro bowl quarterback. Because as falcons fans we can tell you we've seen this story before and we've made many teams over invest in quarterbacks who are just not that good so you may want to take a few weeks to evaluate your guy. What's insane as like these totally new people. Why is it the same sort of thing. Horrendous new city is cursed. Man i am i am fully on board with. I've i've sort of pooh-poohed this idea before when people brought it up to me like atlanta's just occurs city. I'm bored now. Atlanta's first we're never gonna win anything. I'm in my bones right now And yes we're all overreacting. They're sixteen more games would. Yeah and and that's the thing. I tweeted it out In i still have the same opinion like like me media w or saying some pretty negative things because shirt who who would be able to we saw But at the end the day. Like i'm still you know not optimistic but i'm not fully Full blown panic mode yet because it is week one. And i. I believe when the falcons went to the super bowl twenty sixteen detonate lose against the buccaneers. And we did the and they look very sloppy right. Well before we get excited here i am not saying they're going to go to the super bowl because they lost one right. They've let the last four regular season openers. Like clearly it could go either way. But for me i am a let him you know. Obviously next week against tampa probably going to get any better but it's it's a new regime. I'm hopeful still but at the same time if you are a fan in you are pissed off in like you've been given no reason buy into this new regime at all If you're not optimistic don't blame you one bit. You shouldn't be They didn't show anything today against a new head coach for the eagles. Yup showed that they were prepared. For this game Sloppiness all over the field. You know we're gonna talk about offense and defense. But i can't pick really you one or two players who i could go. Yeah they were good. Like i mean. Cordeiro patterson maybe he surprised me as running back. That's my takeaway. Everyone else.

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