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Soon. Actually, no, because they go Excuse me. Scratch at that was 35 34. We saw a lot more points in this game now that I remember this because then the mark came back on fourth and five touchdown. Then Baker answer back. That's where he scored too soon and finally capped it off with Baker Mayfield. All right, Lamar Jackson. Take it down the field, Justin Tucker Field goal and the reason how we got the 47 42 was on a bad beat. We'll get to that in just a second anyway, though, as we recap that for the 9000 time, and I still find a way to get it wrong When I got it right all the other times. You don't get it wrong there. You give a stock up to the Mark Jackson and also Baker Mayfield Heck of a game last night what we saw from both those gentlemen on given additional stock up to the Baltimore Ravens. Eight and five. They should win their final three games. I think they're gonna be 11 and five and going to the playoffs Stock up to the Ravens, Gus Malzahn out at all. Burn Lane Kiffin is on Lee been at Ole Miss for one season. There's been some talk, though. That lane Kiffin. Maybe going toe all burn. Let's hear how Lane Kiffin handle those questions today from the media, and he had a little fun at the expense of his former boss. Nick, Save it. I don't know that just Product it when your players play well, you're gonna be in rumors like that. So there's been no conversations, anything like that. Um I wanted to say, um You know what I wanted for my mentor. You know that. If you guys wanna keep asking this, I don't have to tell you. I will not be the head coach of Alabama, Okay? So Stop asking me Wouldn't you say that, But I just had doing some dry humor from link, if in where he's being very aggressive, But he just sounds very creepy and weird. So it's Guess. Also, it's on zooms. Only one person's Mike is on. I would guess they usually have a whole room full of laughter. But I would assume that this press conference was done over Zoom anyway. I appreciate the little subtle shot or maybe not so subtle. At next saving. I like, make saving a lot. But that was well played by Lane Kiffin to take the attention somewhere else, and pretty much avoided the question Stock up the lane Kiffin. Peter Fagan joined us earlier today been playing you a lot of this audio throughout the night. Let's see the emotion and Peter Fagan's voice when he reflects on getting out of Santa to Campo, the president Bucks Peter Fagan to sign that Supermax today, You know, it's not immediate news. It was kind of like where our timing is. And we've been talking about the nuances and And talking about the details. I think with the honest kind of Johannes is consistent about one thing kind of always like he's got his schedule, you know, and I think when he was when he was ready, and it was time, he said, like, let's do this. This is right. He brought Brought his family and we sat around the table kind of like a great emotional time, and he was ready. And he you know, he's been really kind of consistent, transparent like he He loves the prospect of the team. He loves this city. This is where he's kind of grown up in the state since he's come here and and he really wanted to put the commitment down and And he did it. So he is that special guy. Stock up to that special guy Janos onto the coop. Oh, and also bucks fans. The Greek freak is here to stay one more for the Peter Fagan interview right here on the Zack help Show. I'm just gonna play this one. You be the judge. Go ahead, Zack. I gotta tell you awesome Intro. Awesome day. We're so pumped when I got your call I had to call in. You've been like the most positive. Kind of like I called to the Hart van and supporting. But this is a big day for Matlock. The big day for the league. This is just this is good all around. This is a very happy place in Milwaukee most amazing day, and I do appreciate the kind words that you say Since you're the president of the Bucks. Could we get a Zach Gil Day at halftime when we're allowing fans back in the arena? I think you could get us that girl day before we have fans back. That's what I promised you. How about that? Even with the creepy laugh at the end, I always hate listening to my last back on the radio. You know what I'm gonna do right now. Ryan Trace. Thank you. Look at may remember Michael Jordan shrug. And then remember, in the last dancer we saw this drug from one of his security guards. I'm gonna do that shrug. Zack, Help Show Day, CBS Sports Radio Day by Sir Form Coming up soon Stock up. Boom. You got to give a stock down to Jim Boeheim. Now I've not heard this audio, but I've read the headline. So I want to hear the song. He was waiting for the show His gym behind. Going back to something happened last week with NATO. It's called out Coach K when Coach K was talking about shutting down the season. And NATO's, which I love. We gave him a stock up, said Well, if Duke didn't lose those two games with coach K might process could be saying that here is Jim Boeheim coming to the defense of Coach K. I think this from yesterday. Mike said in the summer. In September and October that we should delay the season. For some young coach who should know better, but didn't suggest that Mike's success. He doesn't want to play because he lost a couple games. He's only won 1100 That isn't anybody that knows anything about college basketball knows that my success, he said that in the very beginning.

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