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Competitors, I could go on forever. There's too many thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute dream. When change the thing, I love you all. There you go. Now you got the whole message. Now you've heard all the football super bowls and MVPs and the honors here, but there are some unknowns of Tom Brady. Did you know, for example, he was once an intern at Merrill Lynch. Family and friends saying Tom after college, now the NFL is not for you. And you might recall or did you? Back in the 2000 NFL Draft, he was the 199th overall pick. Think of the names that were ahead of him at that time. Brady aired nearly $300 million in his NFL career good enough to make him one of the highest paid players in the league's history before you sail while that's too much. Remember now 100 million. He decided to give two the team to protect him with better players so he could do his job. He was so relaxed before a football game. He actually fell asleep in a locker room before his first Super Bowl. Oh, did he win that one, by the way? And prior to the debut on blue Bloods, Bridget monaghan there who plays DA Aaron Reagan. Yes, she dated Tom Brady at a time. He dated for about two years, didn't work out. She was busy with Hollywood, making movies hearing about the future of something called blue Bloods. He, of course, was his team's third Super Bowl win in four years against the Philadelphia Eagles solely split up. A short time after the breakup, Bridget then found out she was pregnant and called Tom at home. He was in a delivery room we're told they did not hold hands. It was decided to keep the sun and raise the sun. John monaghan, who took the name of Bridget Moynahan there. And of course, a good relationship to follow. This is northwest news. 8 50 now, northwest news radio. We have money in businesses for you here, Jim chesko and fax some headlines here for the weekend edition of our stock charge dot com money and business update. A big technology hub planned by Microsoft on Atlanta's west side is suddenly in jeopardy. The software giant confirmed to biz now Atlanta that it has decided to pause the planning process on the 90 acres it acquired two years ago, a site that was expected to include affordable housing and retail. In addition to a Microsoft campus that would eventually house 15,000 employees. But with the tech giant currently in a cost cutting mode, all of that is on hold, a spokesperson saying, the company would re-engage when expansion is warranted. More electric vehicles will be appearing in movies and TV shows on Netflix as the streaming giant announced a partnership with GM, Netflix said the Chevrolet bolt EUV GMC Hummer EV pickup and Cadillac lyric are slated to appear over the course of the next year

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