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Series the celtics have look aggressive they look like the better team and they just had that certain slager to them where the cavaliers they looked like a dead fish in this series so three oh i don't know how the cavs are going to punch back in this series because they have not thrown one punch back they're throwing them back but they're just missing the not hit anything and a lot of them not even trying to throw them back so yeah you should feel great right now if you're a celtics fan he should be all it and you should think you you're going to be winning the series because what you saw the first two games it wasn't even close to it wasn't like lebron one and you know he missed a last second shot or there was a controversial replay or a controversial call these haven't even been contests this has been a bad series when you look at it with someone that doesn't have a dog in the fight because the celtics aren't even making this a contest they're going to be here but like they've wanted these past games by the by thirty six they believe and coming to cleveland he take one game i'm gonna give us some celtics these guys like gary red stevens it's like i'm over exaggerating i this sean die brad brad get a ring first before we start calling him bill belichick just because you have a bad taste with bill from the super bowl of malcolm butler don't be stupid right now and i appreciate the phone call but don't be stupid and say brad stevens has already built ballot check oh man maybe cringe a little bit made me feel uncomfortable with that analysis right there but that's how much folks in boston right now love brad stevens undermining brad stevens would take anything away from brad stevens i don't use the word great very regularly what he's doing he's a great coach right down that goes back to what he did a butler as well busby cleveland cbs sports radio busby oh man i'm telling you what rob thanks for taking my call last three times i appreciate appreciate talking to ya but i'm gonna tell you your producer asked me where was i i was trying to talk to him about lebron and that's the game and he says we're yeah i'm gonna tell you where i'm.

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