Plato discussed on Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler


The whole thing has been a play or a movie or drama or story. Whatever word they used and that's correct and however the characteristics of this story is that it's a mercer. I mean what happens to me. I can go through the mental process and then a kind of physical like an official kind of philosophical reverie. I can hold that thought. And then some personal annoyance at troops right like the the whatever it is is like some annoyance and you are immediately drawn back into the immersion of it which is supposed to how is supposed to be. Plato said that our situation in the world is lightweight horses with blinders. Right and the point of that is is just too overwhelming. You've got have some sort of filtering mechanism. Just get into the story because what your life is story go into your consciousness and see that your consciousness is narrative is a net. Because whenever something new happens to you what do you do. You waive it into your life story. So what this is all about is a story that's unfolding and that at a certain point of life you realized that and and that's why we have theater i think you know made escalates and sophocles and euripides. They were thinkers like you and me right so they just realize yeah. That's what old people say that when you look back as many as well we can flat out a place here on the ground and condensed these and so these are stories and i think we can learn from this and learn from the fact that people have life reviews. We can learn that if we can see that. It's a story if we could see that. There's an arc. I love going back to. There is a animated movie..

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