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The identity politicians the people tearing down statues. The people telling us we shouldn't read Shakespeare because he's racist. Those people have no new ideas, no good ideas, and so when we get caught in this trap that we have to engage with them. We have to take account of their ideas. You know even so that we can refute them. But but that leads us down this rabbit hole of just trying to argue with idiots who are not arguing in good faith, right? They're not arguing to learn from us, and we learn from them, which would have just got? They're arguing to tear our civilization apart. That is why they are doing. What they are doing is why they say everything. They say even if they point out something true, they're saying it so that you'll get distracted and they can punch in the jaw. That's what we're dealing with so so point. Point of gung heretics is kind of look I. Mean we have to fight that? You have to figure out we would win that fight, but we also have to not let the our whole world, because these fights are going to be over one day, and our lives, our lives on this earth are going to be over. They will be as the life of a NAT compared to our infinite lives in heaven in the world to con- so we better be talking also about the stuff that is going to endure. Spencer Clayton I. Don't know how you spell that, but his his the assistant editor of the Claremont Review Books He is the host of the young heretics. YOUNG HERETICS DOT com. He's the financial support of his elderly parents. He doesn't know that yet, but he actually is. Spent as great to see you come by and have a drink and I will talk to you soon. All. All Right? We lost camera there for a minute, but At least you could hear what he was saying. I gotTA stop there. It is the Cleveland last weekend the Cleveland. Weekend is upon you I don't know how to you know comfort you in your distress It's going to be a dreadful. Survivors those few of you who make it through can gather here on. Monday I'll be here. I'm Andrew Klavan. This is the Andrew Klavan show..

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