Democratic Party, Senator, Senator Dianne Feinstein discussed on Red Eye Radio


People actually wished to endorse i believe we sort of saw that in the last election did we not the whole with the fear of the democrats and by the way this does seem like it's politics as usual for the democrats does it not let me correct myself completely there it really is california democratic party voted to endorse a progressive state senator over incumbent senator dianne feinstein in the us senate and the party's executive board meeting though feinstein beat senator state senator kevin de leon by nearly thirty three points in the jungle primary last night progressive grassroots activists have largely taking control of the state party apparatus in recent years and a push for more liberal candidate to take on the trump administration's there you go so no there's that's where you're going where the party wishes to say to heck with the people it doesn't look the democrats rank and file democrats doesn't matter whether it's the supreme court we wanna put somebody who was unaccountable who agrees with our day to day politics on the supreme court we wish to move further from a democracy or whether it's in the state of california where they say no the party apparatus wishes to endorse whom the people do not want yeah who are rank and file democratic voters do not want that's who we plan to endorse who the incumbent beat by a landslide and that's the party looking to take or the far looking to take full control of the party itself which is what happened but she won the jungle primary by over by nearly thirty three points now in in the decision by the party should receive just seven percent of the vote all right other center received sixty five percent of the vote she got seven percent.

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