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Real instruments. That seems like a huge jump. Let's try some music man. i mean brett. You wanna give this guy a beat. Let's find like where are you comfortable. What's your instrument going to be like. What's your what's your funky zone right. Like you like to say like what's my funky zone jagged. As a great question. I i think my answer would probably be. I wouldn't be comfortable i. I don't have any your influences. Don't say slender man. bye bye man. You know they were not in that class anymore. Don't say my influences slender man. I'm going to make that you know that's Or do or do that. Do you want to do that. Sure yeah let's do at my influence influencers slender man okay. That's not going to work for this. Bye bye man. That's not going to work for this class. Beetlejuice man is him be yes beetlejuice. Man the snowman. So mansur mr police. I gave you all the tunes. Something you know. Yeah yeah those guys. Got me into music shock okay. Great so what i wanna do is just brett's gonna play a sound bed and we're going to let you try a couple different approaches and we're gonna find where your funky zone is. Do you have it. Yeah he would go all right. Bank time guitar go. We've itar play guitar guitar guitar guitar. Mike okay premium framing. People who'd be approved. Do betim to buy that tuba more trumpet. That's more to ding the tv triangle. Or something go ahead. Do i know these are drums. You do the drugs w rubs drama drugs. Okay thank you have a broken like a busted drumhead or something again. Yeah it was hard to do with the drums also on in my headphones attitude. That was fun guys So what what note were you playing. I've no fucking clue what octaves. I don't know i mean i'm sub-genre slender man. This actually was really helpful for because i know what you are now your vocals guy baby. You're lead singer. Not because i think you have a singing voice to speak up but you're so far away from understanding any instrument at all and a lot of instruments didn't even sound like these orbits. I asked for. At least i know you could fucking talk dude barely and you barely make any day of sets you do it but at least i know you can damn well talked right. Yeah well you see you seem. I mean you know. Make no damn sense when you do it. But it's a start okay. These criticisms are pretty arbitrary. Not based on much so you think that you would have more success as a lead guitarist or flattest and then you would as a lead singer at this stage and your musical training. I don't i. I think i would. Oh my god he just admitted it again man. I didn't sign up for this buddy. That's why you need it. If you signed up for it i would say. Don't take the class literally. If you'd sign up for and i would say don't take the class. Don't show up because you actually are aware of your shortcomings as an artist and you have a desire to grow. But because you didn't sign up for it. God you need this bang. Jesus you need this. Have you ever taught anybody else. And oh my god. I'm not even going to. That's like crazy as a vocalist. I'm excited to hear what you have to do. And i'm gonna ask you question. Look at brett's body. Okay take a gander book this shit. Yeah how do you think he gets that man you think he just walks into the gym and just does damn eight hundred pound dead. Lift right off. The rip. i mean is probably a lot of genetics. Knowing his diet. I woke up with that. Or do you think he dragged his ass over. Goddamn fucking squat. Rack push ten damn plates. Most work out pretty aggressively is true. Yeah and he probably warmed up. So let's warm up open your throat huge Huge huge bullfrog big throat. I stick full fought in broome in my throat every morning. And i- swirl it around like to end with the. I take the fat and the broom the end with russia the russell steve russell's i put the brussels. Fuck it brussel brand right down there baby. Shake it up and that has opened my throat so big that i can do incredible things with my vocals. Let's do let's do a quick warm up bro. You know big booty biscuit. Big buddha biscuit Remind me the big booty biscuit bunched up at spot skin too big booty biscuit bunched up. Its but skin the big booty biscuit bunched up but the skin get the big buddha biscuit bunched up at the busking budi pissed the big booty biscuit bunch up its butts can beetle bailey buttered. Bill burs bronze buds wait. Say that again. You're kind of pop and beetle bailey. Buttered bill burs bronze buds beetle birdie. Butter paleo bailey beetle bailey beetle bailey. A ballydoyle bali borders bronze punt. Phil burns br bill. Burr bronze bonds brie bella punked beau bridges bumpy bottom way way. Rebuilt bonk's boop bridges bumpy bottom. Only we're only on the bees. We discuss alphabet. Yes we go through the whole alphabet normally. Today we go through the whole alphabet. We will be doing other letters later on the letter. B. is essential. If you can say bs you can sing anything but this right now. Pretty simple war up. Actually the easiest one big booty biscuit certainly big booty biscuit bunched up. It's buckskin beetle. Bailey buttered bill.

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