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Problem is in also we've discussed unfortunately he's doing a really really good impression of hobby boskin yes he is yes he is anyway you say well with your family i said they might go to jimmy down in florida jimmy you're on the fan all right man what's going on allen show are you i'm john okay roy jones junior territory from there also they thought like what the last caller said i have a trade scenario that makes for both things i mean as a mets fan in books as in by cole hamels and lately man you give me exelon florio waiting on the right and jerry fuller picture who'd you say jack jack wheel i would do that i would do that and they make make sense both things i'm just wondering for the mets who replaces wheeler in the rotation seth lugo i already got him i figure he should be in the in the rotation anyway because they've i think he's consistent i i leave him there but i mean that's a good start my only my only problem with the method if flurry al is the centerfield of the future for the mets if that deal happens then what are you doing with nemo i'm looking for really whatever i can i i'm with you there i see what has has to do is he's got to prove he can play you know the rest of the year healthy and then you gotta get a convinced them to go somewhere else but i i don't know how easy or hard that's going to be i i think that trail you're there for a long time because if you have florio pans out and let's say limo are foia walkway one day yeah but kalinic coming up which i've seen him play 'cause i've been in wisconsin before either really good player i i they're not gonna i take madsen wheeler or more susceptible to be traded and right now then then the grandma and syndergaard but now i like florida the problem is you know he's got the yeah the hand injury and he's not playing to august jury you know he's a major leaguer he he needs to be playing all the time it's just you know he's not gonna get much playing time with the yankees in guys get he's there and then when they're not he's sitting on the bench for elsewhere let's go to mike in monroe mike you're on the fan hey how you doing tonight i just moved from each rockaway i get out of suburbia i'm up in the foothills of the catskills okay all right got a place to rehab and that lady before tony from the catskills hey lot of love and the catskills how about that how about that i was going to talk about the the scenarios are so many people i know your show others noah syndergaard and of course the garage is off i wonder how the triad general vantage is do i like omar because what he's done in the in the attached to the mets solid resume tom yeah him in the minor leagues i got no problem i mean if he wanted the job as a gm no problem with that but if he says he wants to stay with the with the minor league is i have no problem with that they're just gonna take a while to develop right and it's been a bulletproof fusion like the song the whole year murphy's law whatever can go wrong will go wrong and you made a good point about little can can come back a little not giving us any information and you and you know i agree wholeheartedly you know that's an area it's it's a joke it's like a smoking berry show i still have to keep my streak oh and i will go to a game i don't know which one but i'm going to stay away the fans for many people do that i don't jump hip let's hope before the trading deadline if they get rid of uptake which they probably will poetic justice you know sent him to boston and we'll get some prospects of what they pan out but maybe a solid player and that would be poetics excuse me poetic justice for the yankee fans yeah but anyway oh all right all right man presale let's go to allan in queens allan you're on the fan hey tony how you doing all right what's going on why couldn't they skip grade when they had a.

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