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So what happens if the salary cap goes down on a million dollars I'm assuming it's going to but I started look at the numbers with Joey Bosa it feels like nick, Bosa got more attention than Joey Bosa and maybe that's just because he's a rookie there's team went to the Super Bowl but. Since The. League. Joey Bosa the chargers has the top pass rush win percentage among edge defenders. Winning twenty two percent of his Russia's and trailing only Aaron. Donald. Among all. Defensive. Lineman. Is this pro football focus with yeah. That's like advanced okay. They love Them Joey Bosa. Let's see. What else do they have here blouses ninety one and a half pass rush grade ranked second only to Khalil Mack. Since twenty. Sixteen. Edges out von Miller and myles Garrett. Okay. We don't focus in on the chargers much. I think we did in the beginning because we wanted to see if Bosa was worth holding out for if you're the chargers. But. He's. By. All accounts. among he's on the short list of the elite Defenders Spouse rushers. Yes. mclovin say just release forty to ten on the NFL. One hundred lists and Joey Bosa. is on their care to guess where he is between forty and ten. I'll say top fifteen now he's thirty four which makes it weird that he's getting paid more than anyone wait a minute pro football focus just told me how great he was while the NFL one hundred is questionable. All those are the players. Those are the players voting his brother nick boasts has seventeen and Chandler Jones and other pass rushers gets paid allies fifteen chandler. Jones Jerry Jones br like kind of leading the league and over the last five years he's good right Yeah he's he's the best everyone considers him like. Like the best sack Guy Right now. Chandler. Jones. Is the best thing you think right there. Yeah. He's really really elite because he got their numbers monstrous, right? Who would you rather have? myles. Garrett. Channel Jones. Well byles younger. Yeah. Probably Miles but Taylor doesn't play run at all he just goes. Back. I mentioned that the Patriots have six players who have opted out when last season ended the Patriots had the oldest roster in the NFL the average age was just over twenty eight. Today based on their training Camp Rosters, their the thirteenth oldest team. Their average age is twenty three just under twenty, four years of age. So the team got younger by some guys deciding that they didn't want to play this year. By the way I think it's Dak Prescott Birthday today. and. Twenty seven years of age, right? That's about right. mclovin Yeah I mean Carson turned twenty seven December to say and Wentz did it I all right here's the good. Here's the thing. He turned twenty seven better than active Annan and The good is data started his career with four straight seasons of at least three thousand passing yards and at least twenty touchdown passes in NFL history. The only other quarterbacks to do that in their first four seasons. Peyton Manning Russell. Wilson Junior the third. And Derek Carr. Days. THAT PASSED OUT IF A. Here comes that what stat of the day. The Bat is doc has a career record including the postseason of fourteen in nineteen against winning teams. He's twenty seven and seven versus teams that ended up five hundred or worse. See that's not a good number. That's not good. 27/7 against times that are five, hundred or worse fourteen and nineteen. Against winning teams, we'll talk to Rudy Gobert coming up couple of phone calls here, Brandy and I will join us on the program. Hi Brandy. What do you have force? ADP and guys. Yeah. I was just Listening to the Michael Phelps, interview and I kinda. Thought it was a great interview lots of important items but then it started making me reassess when he says to the effect that I've had a decent career I feel like you know twenty. For Twenty, some years, I'm fifty, two, twenty, three years married almost two great kids. I think that's really good and then all of a sudden he says he's had a decent career and making me reevaluate. So that's my worst day yellow. Thank you Brandy Randy's already giving best and worst to the weekend the F- prior to next Monday the mid week men we passed and we're so that weekend week worse. Yeah. Aaron Rodgers was interviewed by Kyle. Brandt brand has a podcast on the ringer and Aaron Rodgers was. Talking about that night during the NFL draft when the packers are on the clock and who they're taking I got texting. My agent just texted quarterback house as well. So I love Scott's but I've been drinking. Some sipping delayed as well, and once I got that text I? went to the pantry. Poured Myself You know about four fingers and I knew it was gonNA be one of those nights where the people can start calling. There's going to you know, hey, you know if I, okay and like, yeah fine I like I said, it wasn't elated by the pick and especially being one game away from the Super Bowl, and then like we're a couple of players away but same time understands. I. Know That's a that's a reality. Yeah the Rogers on branch podcast. I guess at this point of his career, he's well-paid. He's going to be a hall of Famer. He's got a super bowl. He's he's honest but not angry. At least he's not angry publicly and he knows that he's not just career there. At least the odds IRV probably not in his favor favor that you bring in you trade up for Jordan love that's the one thing. If he fell into your lap, then I would go okay maybe you can't pass up on him. But you went up to get him because somebody else wanted him. and. I'm told that the Indianapolis Colts wanted Jordan love. And that's why the packers went up to get. Whether that's true or not the fact that you went to get him. That's what would be really I would be angry over that. because. Aaron Rodgers has to be thinking we're moving up. Oh my God. What wide receiver am I going to am I finally going to get a first round wide receiver nope. nope I'm. Not. All what are we going to get in the second and third round? You're going to get a full back. How crushing must have been? It's the team is now Erin Jones's team not Aaron Rodgers team hot hot hot hot. And you drafted a fullback. Who Else did they draft? They so was Did they they? They drive like a long snapper something loving they went from. We can take a wide we got CD. We got all these wide receivers here. Right I. Think CD. Lamb was still available there. And we got I think they were a little after was it. So they couldn't get CD lamb my bed so you could get like. T HIGGINS OUT OF clemson Jefferson out of lsu there. A couple of guys. Right Arizona's state. I can't pronounce his name North of the niners. Yes. Yeah in round two, they took running back Aj Dylan, Boston, College, and the one thing. The packers don't really need right now as a.

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