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A jobless in forty eight hours ago with a tornado hit with a just over ninety thousand customers without power we're now down to twenty five hundred customers remain without power the work we've done but we still have work to do because we're not going to stop working until we get the last customers like backbone and he says we should see all the lights back on by tomorrow night hi Nicole Davis all right leading their party the massive bull bison was crazy just feet from visitors at Yellowstone when it suddenly charm the video shows two four nine into the air Islam decided to go after mad that's why after a while she was running and it was all caught on video well it's not it's his lucky day because I decided it's just not going to happen and I decided to come down I mean I'm six one three two good thank them to go off the the draw and and this is the anti crime and you represent the anti lock because there's a one property other six eighty WRKO I use that cold air line yeah I put it in the drop lot of prosecutors it was crazy idiotic in the office I don't know if that so we'll do one more year on the molars testimony and what you took away from it Chris Wallace I was just watching on a break you pointed out and he's right in as I he assumes he said what basically what I've been telling here for awhile now his tunes the dems are.

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