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Actually, ever changing. Really appreciate you gotta show in your positively all the time in the morning. So thank you guys relations on your land. Have a great day, man. Be safe. All right. You Tony Jordan is the morning traffic. Tony what's up? The metropolitan water district of southern California cement truck that tipped over in south LA ten freeway right bound connector to the westbound side. The went oh five they've been pretty much prepping to get it upright. So you've been able to squeeze by the right lane. But now that it's completely shutdown. Why they try and get back on its wheels the way so one ten freeway northbound connector to the westbound side, the one oh five all lanes of that transition shut down at the moment. Drive is backing up coming away from outside double the body might as well just head westbound there and avoid the delays here on the freeway. Pretty heavy up had through the south LA stretch. All the way to the one one southbound delays in the one ten now about avenue fifty two twice third straight. They did get the car out of the way on the southbound one at Barham they had to run a traffic break. So you are seeing delays coming away from Winnetka southbound side of the one seventies pretty heavy now from Sherman ways, you make that transition onto the one Long Beach on the northbound side of the four oh five freeway just before we got to the seven ten looks like a two car. Fender bender made it off to the right side delays as you come out of the less Alameda from just before the six oh five and northbound four or five it's pretty so hall of head towards Santa Monica boulevard looking to get some cash this spring. Why not start at home with the metropolitan water district of southern California's at new Mon replacement rebate rake in two dollars or more square foot when you claim your rebate at B Y dot com. Terms and conditions apply. Not traffic. I'm Tony Jorda. And what if we're three my FM? Don't forget your chance to win. Eighteen hundred dollars is coming up at eight twenty five with what's that noise on Ballantyne in the morning, but former insurance we know every windshield collision has unique sound beat. Boop. Drone seen it covered. Quick for more. Underwritten by farmers.

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