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I believe in the power of prayer really do we gotta pray hard for the people that are so crazy right now too because some of them are so sick there's an actress named Rosanna Arquette and she she tweeted something out yesterday that is so disturbing here's a she tweeted honestly and she's known for her work in desperately seeking Susan pulp fiction she is the sister of David and Patricia Arquette the our cats are big acting family in Hollywood here's what she tweeted and I kid you not I'm I'm not making this up her actual tweet I'm sorry I was born white and privileged it disgusts me and I feel so much shame now that's really truly somebody who's in need of help I mean that somebody like that needs needs needs help they need they need professional help I'm sorry I was born white and privilege it disgusts me and I feel so much shame so she walks away around with shame and disgust need to pray for Rosanna Arquette and pray that she gets the help she deserves I believe in prayer really do it but I'm gonna pray right now I'm gonna pray out loud to you know what I need I need about fifteen thousand dollars today for our food for the poor campaign lance clear the lines because I got to get somebody yesterday we have some great news we had a guy from service is it that's that's got the the the the the shop up there lance the burger place I know I cannot wait to go to famous hamburger Joe's in Surfside beach South Carolina made a big donation to my food for the poor campaign food for the poor is a Christian ministry they're doing god's work show since they do god's work and they feed and they closed and they help me people all over the world who are literally starving to death and you're going to help them you have helped them you've already done it about twenty five thought I need about fifteen thousand today I need fifteen thousand dollars if you want me to come to you to buy you lunch if you make a fifteen thousand dollar tax deductible donation on there I'll do it I'll handle the travel I'll come to you and if you put up on the screen guys for me please the name of the burger place I get it right I'm gonna go to Surfside beach South Carolina because of the gentleman there who runs the place Gallagher show fan he made a great donation I'm going to go to his place and and broadcast from there so maybe you want me to broadcast from your business I'll do it for a fifteen thousand dollar tax to Buck deductible dog donation when I get Tom's today get it would maybe do another turning point may we do another turning point remote Hey I don't care I'm I'm praying right now the somebody's heart will be touch if you have been if your lucky and and you don't walk around with shame and guilt for.

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