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FM. Back at Bronco stadium. Amal Hyam Dave Logan Broncos coach Vance Joseph Broncos and the chargers coming up here in a bit last regular season game. You guys don't have anything to play for except pride. They have a lot to play for because if they can find a way to win today and should the raiders beat the chiefs at Arrowhead, right? Then the chargers have home field advantage in a soccer stadium for the entire AFC playoff. Yeah. How you the last couple of weeks? You guys have been out of the statistical playoff standpoint, how difficult is that? And what did you learn about your team in situations? Like this. I think you find about guys, you know, who who loves to play, you know, who's who's who's your best pros, and you know, who's committed to the football team. You know, obviously, you know, when you're out to to work a week to play a game. And it means nothing, you know, as far as the future. It's it's hard. But our team has been fully engaged in a work hard every every week that we've played last month. So we'll play we'll play hard tonight. And we'll see what happens you, you've only got so many guys, you know, sometimes when when people talk about teams that are out of it or teams that have already clinched whatever they have to clinch, then they say you want arrest everybody, but you only have fifty three guys. So today, I made you go about looking at some of your younger guys. How do you approach this or not we've played so many young guys, Dave? I mean, I mean every once played, and you know, anybody who's. Two years. Plus we've we've seen him play. You know? So our first goal is to win. It's football game in hopefully to make the chargers miserable tonight. That's our goal. Let let me ask you just to go down some of the because you guys have played a lot of young guys. Gimme a word or two. His is a Mitch. And some of these guys as as what you've seen this year for them. Sure, I'll start with a guy that will not be playing today. But again, the to the Pro Bowl Philip Lindsay special special personal special player, Coralline Sutton. Very talented in the great person. Let's say day, Sean Hamilton. Mature mature. Let's let's go Josie Joel tough and smart Isaac Yatom as a guide him as a young and feisty young and feisty young and feisty. He's a Boston College kid, very quiet, but on the film, and he's a killer. I mean, he is he is so competitive he likes the flight life to push after the place. So I'm a he has got a bright futures force being a competitive young corner. You know, if I could have one of those two traits either one of them, I take a young, especially. Yeah. That's exactly right. Hey, thanks. Good. Luck today. Thank you guys. Okay. That's the Vance Joseph show presented by Ameristar casino resort spa. Blackhawk step up your game. We'll catch up with Broncos insider, Mike cliffs that is coming up next on the KOA Broncos radio network. We get it..

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