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But it will eventually fix it self in this sense. The New York Yankees wants a time. We're like the practically the last baseball team to integrate, but they were saying they had one black layer from the Elston Howard who won the MVP. That's what it and they were saying, but look we're winning the World Series every year doing like, but you know, what started to happen. They started to not win anymore because they were shutting out a huge pool of qualified candidates over time. What will happen is the teams that don't do a good enough? Job of listening to an inspecting. All the candidates will do worse. They will be at a competitive disadvantage, and I'm not saying you wait for that to happen. But that will eventually asked one more thing because you brought up an interesting point earlier, and I wanna make sure I'm comprehending it properly, but also feel like this trend of the youth movement, and the offensive mind is hurting this process more. So because when you're talking about a Matt leflore he played some quarterback if you're talking about Kingsbury he played quarterback and to your. Point that it was predominantly white players playing quarterback. And now that's the position. There's only one black play caller Byron left while he just they just let him go there in Vienna. Me in in Kansas City, which is a black quarterback of the time where they were very very few right in be enemies. Not the play caller. I think being a play collar matters and black coaches don't get the opportunity to be off the coordinators as readily as they get that between the court, and I'm gonna give you an I want you to respond to this seven repeated seventy percent plus are the players in the National Football League. Black to black coaches one black GM zero black ownership. I mean black folks got money it shows that we spend you got a group together you can get an NFL team. If they let you in that good old, boys club. My question to you is this when we talk about protesting, or what have you is legitimate? As that may be do you find yourself ever questioning one? During why NFL players don't take stand in addressing the of issues that I just brought up. It would be nice to see somebody that plays in the NFL Mitchell. What are mentioned? No. I completely understand that it would be nice. But I think that each individual player has their own concerns to worry about that is probably what it comes down to. And I think they also are they are in those relationships. Also like they've been exposed to certain people also, and those are the people that they feel comfortable with. I do think that it's important to recognize that then I don't think I don't agree with what you were saying about time, we'll fix this. Because they'll be competitive disadvantage because the ecosystem is closed. I'm not saying I'm not saying wait for that. I know. But I know you're not saying, but I'm saying that that won't actually I don't see that happen. Including extent in baseball. You may be right. I want to answer. What Molly what you brought up about the quarterbacks. I brought it up earlier. I think they're two separate things that are happening and. Put related one is the offense coordinator who are the ones getting the job used to be quarterback Blackman weren't really allowed to be quarterback. And so now there are fewer offensive coordinators. The other is the kind of softer racism that led to the fact that they couldn't be quarterbacks has been transferred over and perhaps is influencing the thinking about letting them be ofensive coordinators. The stereotype that there can't be tough enough as gone. But now the cerebral thing is. Joke with you. You want resumes for players, and you're consistent resumes for coaches as well, so so it's the same across the board dominate great to have you with us your insight. We'll talk to you soon that was fun. Everybody heavy stuff. But a good conversation. We'll do it again tomorrow. Thanks facing the podcast gets. I take weekdays ten AM eastern on ESPN..

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