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He's shot. right. Rebounded by These Bryce are Brown decent mid and major Brown. teams, Nearly turned these it are over not into patsies. the front court Harper lob And at the the fact rim that widely they have been looks able at to directed hold each fouled and every from one behind of these teams below Wiley their offensive gets back norms to the line is attributed Zion. to Williamson the effort had to commit that the they Fowler. are putting It would in have the been success. to They're that's having up defensively. play again by Well, Harper not to beating take anything the trap away from by the freshmen. Duke, and But then I just hope they trying realize to find Wiley how on lucky the alleyoop they are to lob have this opportunity, whether again such Auburn a, just you know, hanging an upperclassman around in that this they're game. all able Every time to step dukes in and gets get it minutes to ten. back in the day was Auburn like, makes you know, a play one freshman, to get it maybe into two single freshmen are digits getting minutes, right now certainly not nine zero four five left but to in have the game. all four Duke of them. up Get sixty meaningful fifty minutes to is Austin something Wylie, we haven't first seen of in. two It's kind Weill of fun. Brecht We get to one watch missed these it kids wide. grow Right. over That four time years you spent so and good have a tonight full body of averaging work. So. eleven points per I game think it's a good off thing the for bench the program in the first certainly four going games to be a little of the bit season different some growing pains. Like, we've mentioned, afternoon. but He's got fourteen a great points, opportunity to eight watch young rebounds, guys start their careers two off four at the line from their is freshman I in year Williamson and build heads as to time the goes bench on. for I think Duke it's a really interesting one and more coming fun. for Wiley, Kind high of way to arching. deal with it. All right In time now straight for the final down statue pair brought to you by seven Finnity point from game. Comcast Duke leading first with nine of all minutes for to Duquesne, go. Marcus weather's played thirty Trey and a Jones half minutes. Eight between points, the leg six dribble at rebounds half court with an gets assist across three the turnovers. timeline Michael guarded Hughes, by ten Bryce points, Brown. five rebounds Now, he stops couple between of turnovers. the rings and passes left side Mike Barrett Lewis at the elbow the second bumps off had the defender five gets points off the to shot. a five Missed shooting it. Folded. both Another of his rebound threes offense at a couple glass of rebounds goes up, strong and gets sincere the foul. Kerry, he's got to be a little bit hurt. They haven't announced They that give it to Horace Spencer publicly, that but time, I but watched Boldin all of delivering their game a big offensive against rebound Radford. for Duke. And What their a luxury analyst mentioned coach K that has he was complaining the Bolden night before guy this is really just not not talked the way he about plays a lot no points for as sincere the Kerry. big three. Something's But.

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