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No number of extra amish ride because i'm going compete to the gentleman festival this year because they are not classified elite sportspeople of the chemicals regulation. We'll be the freeway from the channel pencil restrict you to unpaid writers On now open to well now break five year everyday pros they do. Change the nature of the racist steadier And three miles six with professional. Riders is not the same as it's going to be nowhere near as attritional alright equality who is a bit better. Always the cub really now is the second division of the three mile novice chase but takes place on on wednesday it. There's really not that much in the discrepancy between the two so he's also become a slightly point in this race tomorrow rating. But i can tell you. I think i think the federal way. Nothing calvin win. He'd be laid out for the race here in october. They haven't they haven't deviated from not plan his dob one of three and a half mile chase so i started greasy jesse's okay On yeah i. I think he's i think he's like the the likely winner and any any idea for The race the proceeds that The bottles juvenile a looks like a bulky field and doesn't look like there's any you know stern favourite while at least if i say jenkins o'brien everyone talk you out. I think he. I think he might witness with buckles. He won the race. The fool As a trainer and i think he could win it again. I think it's also been elected. Quite.

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