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Really Weird drop of Al Sharpton name in their. People pointed out on twitter. Sure just a coincidence. That Donald Trump picked a notable black civil rights leader. To throw in there I mean that's just nuts. Yeah, but I it again I think that answer. It's subtle, but I think that answer comes from Wallace right the skillful interruption. That pushes trump in one direction. Then you let him talk, and then you get to the Al Sharpton Soundbite I mean to me to me. That's again. It's subtle, but it's easy to botch that it's easy to come in at the wrong moment to do too much or too little and he did just enough. We should say this about Chris Wallace David whoever occupies the role of Fox News Truth Teller. is going to get rave reviews right? You get like a thirty percent bonus ship Smith. Carl Cameron was in this role because whenever Chris Wallace like says something about trump on Fox. It allows liberal twitter to go. Look even Fox News. Has had to admit that the trump administration has gone too far well, and it also allows Fox News viewers to say. Look we're not let me look. We're even handed. It kind of comes both way I guess that that same that I just made cuts both ways. I'm not trying to make it seem like that's necessarily a negative. I do wonder if you're supposed to look at Chris Wallace. Obviously in the context of this interview in he does, he does have great interviews like this about once or twice a year and I find. We find ourselves talking about him. But as he technically. The, The champion of Fox News Truth telling or is he just the interim champion after Shepard Smith relinquish the title like that he did he has he earned it to I mean everybody as he undisputed at this point in this interview seal the deal will. He is big enough to host a presidential debate as he did in two thousand sixteen. Yeah, but he's not always a truth teller. It's not it's not all of these. Not a I mean I don't know that I Shepard Smith was at a much smaller platform. But but was undisputed champ for a number of years, but I agree with you. I I think that in some ways. I mean listen. Wallace has always been. Has Never Been A. Never been doctrinaire in any sense of the term, and certainly not in any sense that you would define the Fox News ideology right. He did seem to be. Become terrible trafficking and some of the more conspiratorial aspects, and not that that's overstating it. He believes in the liberal media bias I believe I. Guess, that's early. See Pres professed that he seems to be fairly. I think even for the people that are that are that are cheering him on twitter right now? He's he certainly much more comfortable with his place, literally on Fox News then. Some would like, but. You know. For someone who is, it's hard to find a lot of damning Intel on. It's not like he's a truth teller. In the way that like I mean I mean he doesn't have the. He doesn't have the Youtube Truth. Telling highlight reel that Smith did yeah, and I and I think that's partly because of his format right and he would come more through an interview like this one tough questions. Good Prep pushback rather than like I. Just have a essentially a news or talk show during the day were eventually I just mad as hell and can't take it anymore. Sure which is more of the ship Smith thing you're right now. That's totally right and one thing. That's interesting about his twitter. Cheering section, right. Right is that Chris Wallace is very purposely not a resistance hero came from. Network News as you said there is a sense about him that he was. He is uncomfortable with the way. A lot of news about trump has tweeted Michael Grynbaum. The Times had a profile in junior, says quit. Wallace has golden mainstream journalists for showing anti-trump bias, a big mistake in his words, but he's really trying to be like Tim rusher right, bring me a politician of any stripe, and I'm going to grill them on the air. and that's what I WANNA do right? That's his form of. It's not Rachel Maddow. Chris Hayes true telling. It's not Chris Cuomo. Because it. Certainly, the volume is turned way down, but I feel it's more rusty. Than anything else in that sort of what he's trying to carve out there is a sort of. I don't know if it's really an old school element to his presentation, but there's a yes kind of a smarmy nece to Thomas. Boca might have to do to create that definition, but smugness to his overall presentation that is. Feels a little bit old school, but there's. In a world, in which certainly the people that are the other people on his network or other people are starting to other Fox Fox News personalities who are getting this sort of energy. Interview Opportunity. Are. So far to the obsequious side of the spectrum that it is impossible to even compare them right. Even, those other mainstream media personalities. You know I mean I don I can't i. Can't even imagine I mean the other people on his level do art. Don't evoke that sort of old school i. mean that that's smugness you know. I mean doors Stephanopoulos might be smug person, but his, but his onscreen personality is not smugness in the way the Chris Wallace. He he puts this thing off and I. Don't and I'm not saying.

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