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You make any junior forward necessarily seeing people in high school okay restaurants see here for Miami Florida school and that's the starting five red coach Matthew Mitchell is fourteenth ranked Kentucky Wildcats as they host number one South Carolina here this afternoon at memorial Coliseum let's make the starting five for coach dawn Staley and it begins on the front line with the talented Alicia Boston as six five freshman out of the U. S. Virgin Islands F. five time SEC freshman of the week averaging thirteen points and nine rebounds a game she's averaging a double double in SEC play she'll be joined on the front line by Mickey Herbert Harrigan the veteran forward at six two a senior principal wrote him broke pines Florida Herbert Harrigan shooting fifty one percent from the floor and averaging close to thirteen points per game and six rebounds the back court features a talented guard to see a cook a five night freshman from Toledo Ohio averaging twelve points a game at shooting thirty nine percent from beyond the arc free on appeal a six one freshman starts at guard she's from Rock Island Illinois averaging six points per game at at fifteen at the first meeting with the Wildcats back on January second and then that's the point guard the outstanding here as of five kids senior pro bowls ville Indiana averaging twelve points per game it has nearly one hundred and fifty assists of the season she's the all time program leader in assists and fourth among active it's U. double A. players use a hard guard to turn over a slowdown.

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