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I, don't have any or bumper sugars coming I. Hope they have that worked out at some point today. Okay. There is there a campaign don't just for them shutting down your free speech your money that that's just that's all that's rich. Okay. So What's the campaign webpage, how people support or whatever give all that out? The best way to find a website is F. POLICE DOT COM ES S. police dot com that will take you to it. Dot Com you know that was one thing that's right. I saw the sign is said you know F star Star. Star. You know Astra's whatever. The police. Okay. After police. So why was that a campaign slogan? What? What's the police what? He run for sure because I. I. Thought the word. Itself would be a bit too much to be putting up signs Oliver Cheshire County. Thought of wet wet asked the police instead of you know. If you're allowed to say okay. So he didn't go full monty but I'm just like I'm you still got the same sentiment what does that mean? It means a screw belief that they are violent it's a criminal enterprise and they're the lowest level of enforcers of this criminal enterprise that calls itself mistake. Well, then you and you're running for sheriff. So I'm just like is this a legitimate position to have or you know f the police except the sheriff or I mean what? It well. Yeah. Like I was saying earlier about the role of the sheriff. Historically, the sheriff is it really supposed to be doing a whole lot of policing as we understand it today the police we understand what the except. I should be going out and. Investigating crimes that aren't brought to my attention if someone wants me to go look into something that's one thing. But just going out with it's like a fire department going out looking for fire they don't do that. If there's a fire, someone notifies the Fire Department they come out there and they handle it. That's that's what sheriffs and police should be doing for the state. We have.

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