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High school hockey championships receive as Chicago Blackhawks expandable backpack. Guests the islanders one the Blackhawks nothing as we get set for second period action and turn it back over John wideman and Troy Murray. All right. Thank you very much, Chris, and we are happy to be joined in our booths by the outstanding my voice so far Rockford ice hawks. Mr. joy, Zach shefty made his way down here from rock. All the inclement weather joined us here in the booth joins us great work, by the way. If you have an opportunity to listen to the Rockford ice hawks who are now head coach by Derek king and plug on their way through this two thousand eighteen thousand nine hundred thousand underway here in the second period. Suzuki's to a loose puck in the high slot. Got away a shot but Brent Seabrook reaching with the stick to flex that up into the protective netting. Eight seconds into the period. Still one nothing island. Blackhawks gotta find a way to get some. Offensive consistency and their game not easy against the New York. Islanders looks like they're gonna stick with this matchup of their fourth line against the top line of the talks. Lettie from the left point one in on goal. Dealing pat. Save made by Cam ward hawks come up ice caves on the left wing at center a shot at across Patrick Kane on the right wing side. Got to the puck at center ice. Instead sends it down the boards behind the island or net. Albouy Chuck in the far corner hawk zone. Putter back right wing corner. Put it in front of the net. Ward wack get away with a stick kept in now at the right white poodle moving into the right circle. He got shot away, but not much on it. Now at the top of the far circle. Put it ahead to cajole at center ice on the left wing detains the islander line on the left wing spins the puck into the aisle zone. Taken away by kulak remove it had to center ice. Anders leave Adam pelican to the hawk zone. Rick one from the left point McAuliffe. Save is made by Cam ward. One on one end of the second period. Islanders won the hawks. No score face off circle Cam Ward's right to the last game that these two teams played the islanders. Chris was talking about some of the numbers in the face off circle. Genders one sixty six percents. That game Jonathon tastes subpar performance of losing six hundred and seven draws in first period. Most of them to the four line center. Casey suzuka. So the Blackhawks got to find a way to get some puck possession right off the face off ever Everley from the blue line fires along one toward the hawk net and hit the end boards islanders fifteenth. Captain Anders Lee checked into the near boards by the Hawk's Slater. Kuku lost the puck dominant communal Senate ahead now Alex debrincat to the islander blue line on the left wing. He put it down the boards of the aisles. And then got it back beside the net. Choir from sharp angle shoulder. Save Cahoon took the puck, well, circle and fires. That's why. I now Lee will direct it down ice into the hawk zone. Here's debrincat picking up the puck between the circles carries through center ice. Nobody islander line through the high slot leaves it there for dealing with the Rishaad and that's deflected off of an islander player Stich and up into the protective netting and out of play. Faceoff will stay in the islanders home in a circle to Robin, Leonard. Right. That's split. Second. That doing strong thought he had was quickly taken away. That's one thing about the islanders defense is always in your face. They're always stick away. You have that hesitation with Dylan Strom did winding up for that first shot. That's all it takes for the New York. Islanders who plays such a great man on man system in their own end of the ice. And they are all over your feet could spin away generates in space with a couple of steps. That's what you need to do to get some opportunities offensively off the face off may feel got to the far corner. Islanders zone shot into the hawk line gusts and swept it back to center ice. Beauvilliers took the Puckett spun it down the boards in behind the hawk net. Guides it over to Gusta sin who flips the puck to center ice islanders. Get it back then Beauvilliers coughed it up at the hawk blue line. Play would have been offsides. Henry yoku. Are you passing ahead Brandon Saad through center ice over the islander line down to the left wing corner here Saad reversing directions carrying it around top sorta yucky. How you right point tried to fire quickly toward the net was blocked. Coleville behind the net passing up the right side. Matt parcel gain Senate race in front of the penalty boxes and that can the puck down the glass in behind the hawk net. Ward stopping it back there. Eric came along put it to the near corner. Henry gilkey. You backed Augusta. So now between the circles head to Drake Kajumulo the islander line. He deflects it down the right wing side. The island around and boy chuckle spin it around not out kept in by Duncan. Keith. Slapped the toward the island or net. Nicoletti grabs it racist behind his net up the left wing side Senate over to boy Chuck at center ice on the right wing in front of the islander bench. You'll spend the puck down behind the hawk net. War tried to give it over to Keith. Your try to clear it out but taken back by the islanders. Here's letty near the left point tearing down toward the left corner. So fill left circle. Fires it on goal and a right pad. Save made by war from the left point. Now, here's a shot from Dell cold locker away from ward. And now here come the hawks the other way, could you do the islander line lost the puck checked away? Seabrook got it back to Kane islander line to tapes over the line down the right wing put it in front away by boy. Chuck Brock Nelson. Takes the puck moves up the right side to center ice gave it Anders leak crossing the hawk line. At the left point spin it down the boards in behind the net around to the right wing boards. Jordan Everley their chipped it behind the hawk net. Off the stick of lead. And actually now taken by Chris Kuna, TalkLine tried to flip ahead Everley blocked. The pass Murphy battling at the hawk blue line with Anders league got the puck Artem Anisimov from the right wing at center ice, and he'll flip it down along the boards and the islanders zone. Paid racing. Together. Here's Hayden in the left corner sets up the left point Gusta moves into the left circle Senate across its past Kuna to stick an eastern. Got it back at the right point in fires kicked out of there by Leonard. Particular in the near corner, quite Pellett. Put it off the glass to the hawk new line. Connor Murphy there to get it. I love her make a line change. Murphy passing up ice to Anisimov islander blue line. He let it roll into the islanders zone with a backhander. Clear to center ice by pellet to debrincat took it back into the zone sets up an eastern off from the left circle who fired a shot it with block. And then I believe each ima- caught a high stick from Cal letterbox. We're going to get a penalty here. John Hayden skates over to say something and he pulled down to the ice. Matt Martin might be getting an extra minor penalty in this whole thing as well. Strip the helmet of John Hayden rate off. Two minutes. Slashing number seven. Hassle there. It is Matt Martin gets a little bit too, vulgar. John Hayden guys were going at the end of the first period. Undisciplined play by Matt Martin who's. Three smart. And what he does that way. Penalty. Clutter bucks for a slash? Met Martin comes in and hot ties. John Hayden up from behind strips his helmet off pushes down saw five on three full two minute. Power play here for the hawks on the citgo fueling good power. Play with power play goals in eight straight games in an eleven last twelve from the draw the hawks control. Gusta Senator Franken top of the left circle, the taste left wing to debrincat took us to send now just inside the line deep slot to Kane top of the right wing circle. But at bottom of the right circle, strong feted in turned wide by letter came for the right circle. Fires. That's why puck ricochets out here. The high slot Gustafsen to debrincat bottom left wing circled. Augusta sent top of the left circle the Senate over to strong bottle of the righty soup. Puck rides around and Gusta. Some could not hold it in at the left point. Yes. To retreat to center ice to get the puck one twenty on the 513 advantage since Strom away over the islander line on the left wing here. The point he lost. The puck is Casey Zico slap it down ice in the hawk zone. Cam ward feeds ahead to Patrick Kane through center ice over the line. Left wing through a high slot. Gusta sale. Carry the puck over the top left circle. One minute left on a five on three the top of the right circle. Came put a lot of the right circle back to Kane. Kane holding. Cricket. The one timer turned wide by letter paves. The stick is broken playing without one right now. Cain of the right circle. Slot charge. You demand. Dylan. By Patrick Kane. Second goal in as many games and a five on three power play one one astral had a goal. A couple of that game against the Washington Capitals. We've got his fifth goal of the season, including time with Arizona coyotes on the net advantage. This is Paul overall for Patrick Kane. Three picks up another assists. Now a nine point streak. The second most active streak in the NHL kinda got a little bit lucky 'cause there was a five on three tastes broke his stick. He was heading off the isos a four on three. But they continued the attack. And found a way to.

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