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She will how could you do that mike simple i've a oneline answer sometimes simple as pure remember how the scheckter brothers overturned fdr's socialism so on the grounds of religious freedom you schect abroad the strategy from chapter five it's all in their apparently known read the book in the gut and the administration five reduce the size and scope of government the federal government is bloated with the exception of the military and defence reduce all departments in size by four percent each year for total reduction of size by sixteen percent over four years require all government employees to speak english and to have achieved at least a high school diploma you'd be shocked how many federal workers never went to high school adult speak english would you be surprised no six liquid they tarp you know what that is troubled asa relief programme oil for illegals that was a good one strike down the anchor babies low remember that one what's that one eliminate the loophole in our law that encourages illegal immigrants to enter this nation for the purpose of having anchor babies who are us citizens simply because they happen to have been born in our hospitals do you know how many illegals are having babies in this country right now have you seen the families they're producing it doesn't worry you you don't look ahead twenty years and think about what the country's going to be no they're not like your grandfather they're not like a grandmother you moroz your brain's a muddled from four years in the indoctrination skulls called colleges they're not going to be the next einstein's and the next strike off skis how do i know it big gets you know it that's how i know it you living a big lie banker baby low and say no nation on earth would permit that and let me go to canada to show you how they eliminated the anchor babies will yes socialist canada socialist candidate had the very same law it said that if you had a baby in canada the candidate baby immediately became a canadian citizen well a chinesecanadian legislator so our most them a coming in from china in the ninth month of pregnancy just about to deliver on the plane they were smart her every province of china they came like locusts they were coming to canada and they were having a baby and.

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