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On your reading I have to turn off the television and and start checking out some books and I meant to give a shout out to a James Patterson the actor on Thursday he's doing something really really nice he announced hashtag say the indie bookstores a partnership with the American booksellers association and the book industry charitable foundation Patterson is contributing five hundred thousand dollars and is urging others to contribute this month he said I am concerned about the survival of independent bookstores which are at the heart of main streets across the country I believe that books are essential and make us kinder more empathic human beings and they have the power to take us away even momentarily from feeling overwhelmed anxious and scared the excuse the word empathetic I guess that's correct too isn't it we know what he means James Patterson good for you and there was a story in the Tribune about bookshop dot org which was launched by someone by the name of Andy hunter he noticed a decline in brick and mortar bookstores long before most people so he's come up with this new online sales outlet for independent booksellers he set up a crisis so well before the pandemic he said between two thousand fifteen and two thousand eighteen I saw this big jump in the percentage of weekly sales for physical books that we're.

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