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Or josh mccown for a year because if you can't get the right guy i mean look day they've got all these draft picks so they need help by rose on i don't know i don't know here's the thing is like and look this changes obviously this like evolves but i don't know that there's any one cutting back in college right now we're you look at them he said that guy's a first round quarterback in the two thousand nineteen draft and you know all these teams look at those things that way so i think that that's part of the picture here for the buffet for the bills is were eventually gonna need to find a longterm answer if we can look forward the next year or two and see you know that there will be plenty of them in the 2019 drafter plenty of the 2020 draft then we have to take our shot now as wide that'll planned to it interesting because there are veteran guys they would be better then then altirah taylor but it may not get you that much closer to the super bowl okic wasn't there the moral screwed up the question of before this is for mick now uh at nick now ninety one which bigname that is most likely to be capped casualty this off season i already mentioned his name i think it's a keep to leave uh i think it's part of the broncos sort of remaking their roster to some degree uh akiba's still a very good player bots he has a ten he has an eightfigure cap number ease into his 30s and i look i just i see him as the most likely bigname to dead to have the.

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