Chicago, DNC, Hunter Biden discussed on KCBS Radio Morning News


Francisco Oakland San Jose on the radio dot com station it's seven o'clock record shattering cold the wind chills are going to be downright dangerous allegations of White House disloyalty to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing violence this is the CBS world news roundup home of original reporting good morning I'm Steve K. Finn hundreds of daily cold records could fall as a fierce arctic front plunges into the upper half of the country CBS's David Bagnell outside buffalo says along with the bitter cold and snowy Rapid City South Dakota got about five inches to Minneapolis now vehicles were stuck along a pretty icy interstate thirty five near downtown temperatures in Minneapolis this morning started out in the single digits Minneapolis your high is expected to be just seventeen parts of eastern Iowa could get four to six inches of snow where we are the forecast calls for about ten inches of snow but upstate New York in northern New England you'll see about six inches forecaster jumper Delhi says by tomorrow the invasion with sharp wind chills will be more widespread by tomorrow morning feels like fourteen in Dallas feels like ten in Nashville for below in Chicago and tomorrow Philadelphia's forty nine and then bang temperatures surged down to fourteen in Philadelphia and seven in Boston two days we'll see opened impeachment hearings Capitol Hill correspondent dance record is says Republicans are pushing to hear from their own witnesses one of them is hunter Biden who sat on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Republicans say they also one here from another former board member as well as a former DNC staffer neither of whom were mentioned in the partial transcript of the call with Ukraine's president or by any other witnesses but this is part.

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