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Redlands school district has agreed to cough up eight and a half million dollars to settle sex abuse claims former Redland high school drama teacher has pleaded not guilty to a list of lewd felony charges against four girls in connection with the settlement attorney Morgan Stuart says the man was found with drug paraphernalia and allowed to keep teaching and had a futons in his office. That administrators knew about nobody ever walks in and says, what are you doing? How are things going? What kind of behavior is taking place Stuart says since two thousand sixteen the district has paid out more than thirty million dollars in similar claims. Redlin says it has strengthened his policies for reporting suspected child abuse Corbin. Carson KFI news US Olympic Committee's chief of sport performance has been fired over the sex abuse scandal surrounding former team doctor Larry Nassar ABC's. Ryan burrow, says an independent report found Allan Ashley and former CEO Scott Blackmun were told about the net. Answer allegations in two thousand fifteen a year before the claims made the news, but the USOC never followed up and the two CEOs engaged in affirmative efforts to protect and preserve their institutional interests Blackman resigned in February over health concerns. The lease in LA say a loan shark has scammed people out of their homes LAPD detective men. Well, sir Gurria says the lender went after Spanish speaking people who were about to lose their home. The victims are close to losing their home say often place trust in people who sell them dreams and hope, but ultimately still their money. Cigarroa says the man stole tens of thousands of dollars from the people he ripped off the lender. Advertised his phony business on Spanish language radio station, a search and rescue dog has helped sheriff's deputies in temple city and a standoff at an in and out the lasted about twelve hours. LA county sheriff's Lieutenant Robert Hamlin says the dog is trained to sit and Barak when it sniffs out the person it's looking for. And the dog named Dc did just that this afternoon the dog out and.

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