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I'm Lisa listen Arraf fox news that for the L. Chris Stewart the attorney for the family of ray Shawn Brooks the African American man shot in the back during a scuffle with Atlanta police last Friday isn't like a celebration or a victory lap of watching these officers get charged I'm nobody's happy nobody's celebrating because this never should have happened we shouldn't have to celebrate African Americans when we get a piece of justice now former officer who authorities say shot Brooks Garrett Ralph has been charged with felony murder and ten other charges the second officer given Bronson faces aggravated assault and other charges the district attorney says process has agreed to testify against Ralph but his attorney says that's not true president trump again slamming his former national security adviser John Bolton for his upcoming book on his time in the White House very simple I mean as much as it's going to be broken this is highly classified US I is stages highly classified information that he did not have approval that's come out now very loud and very strong Hannity the justice department is seeking an injunction to stop the publication of the book the centers for disease control and prevention out with a list of things you should have with you when you leave the house the first thing you'll need a cloth covering that one seems obvious something the city sees are telling us to do for months now the second thing is hand sanitizer you wanna make sure itself made with at least sixty percent alcohol the third and final item might not be as obvious tissues they are not only useful when you have to converse sneeze might give you an alternative the touching expose services with your bare hands good luck out there everybody John saucier fox news on Wall Street the Dow lost one seventy the nasdaq added fourteen the S. and P. down eleven Americans listening to fox news I've got this practical for Sharpay rescue dog Jimmy coco another shar pei the one who is Joe talk with the dyna light on my goodness probably five six years people remark on really how well my dog what do you hope I tell me up they get a regular diet of dynamite with every meal kind of side is trash and all I have to do with a dog and ammonium they can be half asleep and they're thrilled you don't need to wait until the problem it's far better to keep the dog happy and.

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