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Welcome back still with me joy the deco and iver gaber we're going to stick with elections but head to zimbabwe now which is preparing to vote for a new president on the thirtieth of july but for those that imagine the first election without robert mugabe and thirtyseven years would be smooth they will perhaps be disappointed mugabe was ousted by the military and his successor president emmerson mnangagwa has promised a free and fair vote but it's imbaba's main opposition leader nelson chamisa threatened to pull out if there is no agreement between the independent elections agency and political parties on the actual ballot papers first of all how is imbaba doing post mugabe well well it's better than elon economically it's it's mixed there are some signs of investment coming back i was reading a piece this morning about how the planes now have investors on board but you know it's a low it takes a long time to regain regained competence of big problem would way has two big economic problems before we couldn't political one is very dollarbased country and they're running out of dollars and they can get any loans he's actually wanted to fund because they cannot put that then eligible yelm get your currency eligible to get loans in monetary fund the hoping for debt forgiveness remember that because they have got huge international debts and but there's no great appetite for it because there's a lot of people in his actual community say debtforgiveness did not work so that on that front they've got problems they've got problems in terms of world some of the blow commodity prices of have not been moving in that direction but having said that there is as for my knowledge of the country some signs of confidence they are renegotiating with the white farmers there's some very interesting developments going on their way that trying to work out bring pulling the back because that can make agricultural production has crashed however to come back to elections old habits die hard elections in africa in sub saharan africa have been in many countries not all of them in many countries problematic and just to come back to the point you made right in your introduction you talked about the independent electoral commission electoral commissions are absolutely essential in african elections play made important and not too many them independent and this one is dominated by the military who orchestrated the coup against mugabe and who mr mama and the president is part of that structure so i just don't think they can yet let go but you know i have to say it's nobody's being killed nobody's being locked up so this that's progress this story does doesn't read that differently to other elections in surrounding african nations perhaps so why are they so difficult to carry out joy it also reminds me of sort of every other election i've ever did on zimbabwe which has to be a priest fascination where you think i mean every four five years exactly the same story about you know failure to do proper voter registration intimidation i mean apparently this time the all me is going to be school the ballot box is only that there's no particular neutral what point does external force come in order to to run these elections probably at what point is south africa in and say when he just franchise it out to us you'll have appropriate to that but the the the lack of progress on free and fair elections means the next four five years continues to be contested by the disgruntled opposition who will may not even stand but you know we're likely to lose anyway or ready on polling numbers but also again with those same accusations that the voters have been intimidated they haven't had access to the same media and so forth i mean in theory theory the election observation missions in particular put monk with saturday which is the south african development corporation which is the countries of southern africa vava addict on the conduct of elections in southern africa is supposed to carry a weight it is but it of course they weren't allowed in under mugabe to be fair and under the new president they all being allowed in as all european observers doc overturning an election i mean so very well give verdict afterwards but the point is.

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