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And the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg Radio. Now a global news update. Dozens of homes destroyed three people injured after a tornado spawned by Tropical Storm Claudette hits the town of Brewton, Alabama, not much left of the two mobile home communities that destroyed 60 Catholic Democrats in Congress signed a document asking Catholic bishops not to deny President Biden holy sacrament because of his views on abortion. Jim Forbes has more. The letter, dubbed Statement of Principles came in response to the U. S. Roman Catholic bishops Friday, announcing they had voted to draft a statement on Holy Communion. That may deny sacrament to politicians, including the president who supports abortion rights. The document from the Democratic lawmakers states government quote has a moral purpose and says no elected officials should be threatened because they support policies that aren't in line with the church. I'm Jim Forbes, a woman is dead after exchanging gunfire with a Flint, Michigan police officer. It all started yesterday afternoon, not far from a Juneteenth parade. Officials say an officer was working a traffic stop when a person drove up and began shooting. The officer returns fire hitting the 19 year old who died at the hospital. The woman's name has not been released. The officer was unhurt, and Michigan State police are conducting an investigation. Are U C. Davis alum is dead after going missing while in Russia. News reports in Russia say that Catherine Ciro's body was found on Saturday near bore that's a city about 250 miles east of Moscow. The 34 year old disappeared for several days and unidentified suspect has been arrested and the Palestinian Authority is canceling an agreement that would give them at least a million doses of covid 19 vaccine. Abrupt turnaround comes after health officials in Palestine inspected the first delivery on Friday and found that the doses did not adhere to previously agreed upon specifications. I'm Bill Trapero swimming star Ryan Lochte. He isn't heading to Tokyo as part of the U. S Olympic team. Lochte finished seventh in the 200 M individual medley at the U. S. Olympic trials in Nebraska, the gold medalist failed to get past the prelims than any other race. Like, he said. It's not the end of the road for him and swimming. Meanwhile, an American athlete has broken the world shot put record Ryan crosser through the heavy iron ball a record 23.37 M at the Olympic trials in Oregon on Saturday. That works out to just over 76 ft eight inches and shatters the previous record by a full eight inches. The 28 year old crosser won the gold medal at the Olympics back in 2016, and he'll defend the gold in Tokyo next month. The race to be the next mayor of New York City takes an interesting turn as to leading Democratic contenders hit the campaign trail together. Former Sanitation Commissioner Catherine Garcia appeared together with entrepreneur and one time presidential candidate Andrew Yang on Saturday at rallies and Flushing and the East Village. The unlikely alliance is a byproduct of the ranked choice voting system being used for the first time. But while Yang encouraged his supporters to include Garcia on their ballots, Garcia did not return the favor. Let me be very clear..

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