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We healthy lamb ground. Play my song. Tako turn it up. Oh my goodness it is such a celebration today. How many anniversaries you aghia gonna have. Now you just had one this the big one. This is twenty twenty years. But i thought celebrating twenty years week ago. Twenty years today may thirteenth is twenty years ago. Mother married on mother's day. We did but it was on thirteenth mother's day. Same okay. Calendar thing calendar thing is so. It's been years today that we've been married. I know a lot of couples. A lot of people have made it It's ever made it haven't made having made it that you know a a marriage is very difficult. You have your up shutdowns you left. She writes it's alive. I continue working on it but we made twenty years today. We've been together. Twenty six years married twenty man. And i got to give it up so to get too many round of applause really. Don't my goodness it feels so it was so good this morning saying baby happy anniversary i love you. Years has had to mussa. I'm sure every day. Every day. I i better get that same energy this year. It'll be eleven years for us. Okay way how long have you been married eleven years. I've been married eleven years whether we like it or not. Ev all three of us have been married for a or b eleven years this year. Yeah i better get that same energy right. I want the song or what. The tony tony. Tony planet background. He is not going to get the kiss in the morning or the prayer. Why not you get the. I want to kiss. This is no sitting can stop the music. You give me a kiss right now. i just do it again. I'm not in the studio so you can't see but it's in the air. This is all listen to put your lives in a. It'll find you. This is awkward man. Goodness gracious well. Good morning guys. Yes well congratulations. Congratulations marriages marriage is a test. I'm not. I'm not gonna say magic test. It's just life really does represent. Life represents the upside down the ads the flows it just is what it is that the final life partner. Yes somebody to do this. Life thing with would twenty years absent incredible and that's an accountable so much i can't wait to celebrate more and more and more it's just it's just a great like i said i woke up this morning. Very happy should should be put my twenty years in his day coupled together. Twenty six years or fifteen years and then he decided to call it quits. I always wonder what was the reason after all that time. Not all that time. I you know how about how about we just go. Our separate ways without a divorce must not do business like dang twenty and they still live together as weird. They got divorced after. I graduated from college waiting basically the same bed. I don't know 'cause. I don't live there i would love to. I would love to dig deeper on that. I would love to know what that means. I would love to know what it means to be divorced but still living jerry usage. You gotta think my mom got married when she was nineteen still trips and everything together. Yeah they do because you know what it is. I guess like their families are very intertwined. Why i'm yeah were. I'm so long like maybe like twenty something years. So did they date other people. That's what i would like to know. I would like to know what does that mean. that'd be divorced. Still be in the same house. Like hey i'm going call us up. I mean maybe they just like to have sex with each other comfortable having sex with each other. I didn't say they have sex with each that. I think people end up being roommates. Sometimes in a marriage right because some marriages are like well. We've been together for twenty five years. We have this house together. it's convenient. i don't know y- giving people health would be roommates when when we when we say okay all right. Well let's get to show crack in front page news. What we talking about Let's talk about in ohio. They are giving five people one million dollars. Tell you what you have to do. Really all right. We'll get into that. Next is the breakfast club. Good morning morning. Everybody is tj envy. Angela ye shall we our breakfast club skins and front page news where we start new hire five vaccinated. Ohioans will get a million dollars each. There's a new lottery. They've announced and it's one of the largest financial incentives to combat declining demand for the kobe nineteen vaccine. I got vaccinated in ohio. Did you throw it into a lottery. I hope so. I doubt it. Yeah i i don't think they should associate vaccine with with a lottery. Could people already think they taking a risk and taking a gamble now right. So why would you associated with a lottery. Let's that people think not taking. The vaccine is taking a risk. A lot of people think taking the vaccine is why associates like you can get vaccinated are you cannot get vaccinated but it's guess it just an incentive. That's just foolish. Because i can go buy a a one million dollar lottery ticket. How about how about pay to peoples cast route. Have you do that. That's not really a real incentive. I'm gonna put you in the lottery for millions like one in one trillion. Chance exactly a lottery ticket. It's not an act. it's a vaccine lottery only for people who get vaccinated. It's not like they're enjoying the lottery. So it's just a vaccine people. Yeah it was only five people going to be in. This lottery is a no no no five people will get a million dollars each. It's a kobe nineteen vaccine lottery. That took the vaccine so it might only be like thousand people. So let's get vaccinated. How many times can you get vaccinated. Shut up. I didn't know that they made it. Sound like the mega millions of the powerball people in ohio have gotten vaccinated so far Sure how many people well over. Four point eight million people have gotten at least one dose so far. I liked them meeting people where they are. I just don't know how feel about this. It just feels that it feels janke for some reason. Hey come take this vaccine. We'll put you in a ladder for a million dollars. I don't know. I mean if if you're going to take you got to do it anyway now you could potentially win a million dollars because i got on jersey but i found money is coming from existing federal covid nineteen relief funds according to the governor. So the other things that they're doing. Is i students. They're going to have five. Winners will get a full four year. Scholarship to a state of ohio university which includes tuition room and board books. Because if i was gonna take it. Anyway i wouldn't need any incentive so i don't know it just feels yankee to me. Some people are also on the fence right and they might be like You know what. I am going to take it because i think people are still debating. Some people are like not against it but that doesn't mean they wouldn't do it. You know all right now Let's talk about this time square shooting. I know you guys discussed this briefly the other day and we were discussing farrakhan muhammad is his name. He was arrested yesterday now. He times square stop. I know that's the point who made that name will come on media star real name so the victims of the shooting in times square. Who's a twenty three year old female tourists from rhode island a forty three year old woman from new jersey and a four year old girl from brooklyn and happened on saturday in times square. Two to four men got into a dispute. One person pull out a gun and opened fire. Three people were injured. what was interesting about. This story was the police did find a man that looked just like him and it turned out. It was the guy's brother and his brother was the one that told investigators that he was the intended target in the shooting. Actually so the motive still under investigation but they said that muhammad in the women that he was there with where see vendors argument. I know people still sell. Cd's these and stuff and pocketbooks there. Was you know space..

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