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But yes, as you said very quickly. Well, it turned the other way because church broke in the very first game And wind. wind. Is about a minute game. Yeah. And he showed he had a couple of double folks. And there was a moment where the big screen zoomed in on Jahic. Now is face. It was grimacing if to say, oh, good Lord. What have I done kind of? And broke. And then he went onto in fifteen points in a row before lavar and say stemmed his authority and eat any never lost it to be honest. I'm from their Croatia in shock and just his back to your point about sort of. Why felt this was a bit of a mismatch? Just looking at the teams know France without their top three singles players this week gas gazing Jude my face and Seema not picked they've got their differences. I think with Yannick Noah, and then he's benched the number four Luca pre. And you've even it up in a situation where Jeremy show these the lowest ranked number one Frenchman to ever play in Davis Cup final and Sanga the lowest ranked number two against two players who've been in the top ten this year. So it kind of play true to form. I think the thing about the Davis Cup is Janet no has expression way says you you try. Control everything you can control. And then you you just hope for of madness in the match. But the madness never came. They were relying on that to disrupt church disruption. They needed the fans they needed all the background elements, but really church in Chile that such a good job of just stripping back those elements and just treating it like a normal match, and they were the superior players. And and that's how it played out. Come through. That's really sorry to. Yeah. I think that's really interesting. I think. No choice to make it about so much. Moving tennis doesn't he talked yesterday about his mystical quality? And obviously on paper more than ever he needed to make it about all the things other than the tennis today in the Croatians just said, no, this is going to be about, Janice. And and we're better at tennis, the new, you know, these these players are better than these players. And that's what it's going to be about today bearing in mind cutter. What I was gonna say he's given all of that we make a big play for what an amazing capital unit Noah has been and look his record stands there for all to see champion ninety one champion Ninety-six champion last year. And he has made inspired choices. He has motivated like nobody is motivated before we were talking yesterday about is his Yannick Noah retreat that we all suddenly wanted to sign up to. But does he have a big case to answer here with? Those team selections not only dropping Luca que-. But not picking is you Simone who has had a good year. I think he's he was thirty four wins twenty two losses. This year is thirty in the world. He's he's reached the fine of play court events. I mean, how hard at this stage. I know it's it's not over. But it's you could say it's as good as I ever what we'll get the stat from that in a bit. But how strongly do you feel about it yet? And that's probably something. We didn't talk about much yesterday the place. He didn't even pick for the for the scored. Notably. Of course, seem on and Mofaz. Yeah. He we understand. They're all philosophical differences varying degrees with both of them gas scare I think is is struggling with an injury. I believe, but but I mean service song is struggling with a fee..

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