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Was it violent as you know? But since we're talking about this on my way back from so flu, Manila, Hong Kong, Hong Kong e throw just today's ago and from Hong Kong to throw viciously when you reach too high terrains of China this always shaky there's no way to avoid it. And they knew that in the captain came on the very beginning of the fights that we're gonna try to void it. But it might be some shakiness we see in it. I didn't do what you had done. So in actually screen shot, even the actor Dwyfor is awesome. But didn't go there didn't actually check. And I could see the moving map that were avoiding the terrain. We're on the Nord of Chen just below the Gobi desert Mongolia, if you actually going to map guys rights west of Beijing and Sony started to do exactly you mentioned all the at that point in the flight. Although it was a day flight all the windows were shades were closed because some people were. Sleeping and he started moving like insane for little just like three minutes. I said, okay. Whatever the crew hadn't been asked to seat at that point. And I remember I had asked like ten minutes before for coffee, and she comes to mean says, oh here, here's a coffee. She gives me the coffee in exact movement. She gives a coffee it starts again. Spilling the coffee everywhere. Obviously. It's okay. Just coffee, whatever it went. I cannot compare. I don't know if it was as violent pitied went for twenty minutes, super hard. Look the crew was asked to sit down for twenty twenty five minutes. It was moving and I was trying to drink the coffee to avoid because they know where to put it, right? I I don't know if actually is better. But I tend to what that got two things happen to hold the drink in my hand to compensate for the movement. Built in begin. But I I mean, I did my best. I the one time to take a sip, obviously, massive one and get some my face. I'm like my God. Anyway, no biggie. But and I could see the behavior mentioned not from a crew I could see many people opening the window shade taking a look outside which was bright and sunny, nothing, you know, because you cannot see it. We're not in a storm anything, and I could see the end of the twenty five minutes in the story short some passengers really shaken up like really like, and we had like steely, no probably nine hours to go. It's not it's not reassuring. If you're freaked out at that point. It's really not reassuring. It was my biggest strongest turbulence in five to six years. Yeah. It was really really really really big. I mean, I was like, you know, because I'm like you. I used not to be maybe as fearful flying as you. But these kind of things used to disturb me a lot when I was younger, and I would get like the what's going on what's going on. Now. I was like what the hell I'm gonna I'm gonna do. Right. So I was smiling and trying to watch my movie with shaking like my very quiet movie became became a documentary shaky camera. That region of China's always bad you've got a mountain. I can't wear. What are they called the mountain rolls or something that the air coming down off the mountains? I remember can't they pilot. I sat next to him on a flight from Joe Burg to Hong Kong, and we were talking about about turbulence because they'd had to do a lot of vase of maneuvering around thunderstorms, and he said when they track over the plateau of Tibet, you're going just north of it skirting around the side of it. He said it often felt at least in the flight deck like somebody had grabbed the tail and which is lifting it up and then dropping it down. It wasn't it wasn't violent. But it was disconcerting. And he said, yeah that region is is if it's not that it's it's jet streams. So this it is what it is. It is what it is and qudos because like you the pilot came many times on the PA to reassure passengers to tell me was a kid. There was nothing. We could do that try their best to avoid again moving back up. So that they were going eastwards where they will usually go that route probably voting worse turbulences. But there was simply nothing you can do..

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