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M I co host from Lake Tahoe. Our good friend Willie mcginest joining us and Willie. Let's get to a guy that I'm sure, you know, fairly well that of course, Matt Patricia former defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots rookie coaching debut as a head coach with the Detroit Lions did not go. Well, Monday night losing to the New York Jets his defense, given up forty eight points, and maybe even worse than that Willie. The fact is the jets defense saying they knew what was coming. They knew a plays are being called was that just a failure of coaching on all sides of the football for Detroit starting with Matt Patricia or our sales a breakdown in a lot of different phases of the game. And it was a tough debut for Matt Patricia. But you know, there was a lot of plays out there that you just really didn't understand him players cut out bragging, they're not in the same division, which makes it a little bit odd to me. So they probably did their homework. They had great preparation bay came out in one in every single phase of the game from special teams offense defense you name it they dominated and you know, kudos to the New York Jets. They played a great football game. But on the other side of the ball. I don't think the season's over nobody's winning Super Bowls a week one. And there's so much that needs to be made. And I'm sure Matt going to attack all those different things going to be a rough week in Detroit. And I'm not ready to say that he's failed as a coach that makes no sense to me. Now after one football game will you chase down more than your share of quarterbacks in your lengthy NFL career assess what you saw from Sam darnold. The youngest starting quarterback to start a season since the AFL NFL merger in one thousand nine hundred seventy s this performance. The biggest thing that that struck me that I saw was how he reacted after he do the pick six to start. That would rattle a lotta your quarterbacks in that which is not down. And he took it off. Cayman continue to play as by it made big plays. He went down to Robbie Anderson wasn't gun shy at all came in their poise just continue to make plays. That says a lot about him his character and his resolve as a player and after I saw that I was happy. I was happy for my fellow Trojan. I was excited for them. And like I said as defenders in defense of coordinators, we do a lot to try to rattle young quarterbacks. And he was not he was now without rattled at all. No, not at all tremendous debut, for of course, Sam darnold after throwing that initial pick six you, of course, Willie were in Foxborough patriots opening the season against the Texans. Does Shawn Watson a lot of people the MVP conversation. I had said going into this season. Let's slow the role a little bit under Shawn Watson. I think he's going to be a very good quarterback. Let's not anoint him an MVP at what are the patriots due to confuse, Sean? Well, only seven starts. So you know, he's gonna make mistakes is still a little bit of trial and error there. Nobody's perfect week one. I'll say that about a lot of quarterbacks. I'll watch. In week one is this this week. But as far as Watson, I think they learn their lesson from the first meeting you have to keep him in the pocket. It makes him throw from the pocket. He's still got out of the pocket a little bit. But for the most part they have sex. They had 'em rattlesnake. Kept him inside the pocket. Didn't let him out to make those plays athletic quarterback like Watson or Russell Wilson. Or drew Brees or seventy or Aaron Rodgers for that matter once they get out of the pocket there so accurate with throwing the ball, and they can run. So now, you gotta do threat. And most of these guys that I named look to throw before running it's tough for defensive backs to cover that long. So they gotta make a decision. A lot of guys they lose their man in coverage. Like we saw Rogers in Green Bay guys don't plaster. They they'll stay with the receivers day go into a scramble drill and they make big plays. They were able to. To avoid that. And I think they learned from the first time and played them to what is supposed to play three times Super Bowl champ. NBC sports radio football insider, William mcginnis, joining us, go and deep Dan Schwartzman. NBC sports radio Willie James Connor had quite the season debut. I know he had that big fumble though for Pittsburgh. No, leave YoM bell didn't seem to be an issue. How much of that is the system. I think James Connor is a good. You know is a good runner. That's why he was drafted there. I don't you know, I'm not gonna put himself. It's just a good system. I think they got a solid office of line. I think he was motivated and determined to go out and play at a certain level. I think he's a young talented back is bell. No. He doesn't do everything that Bill does. But does he work within what they're trying to do? Yes. I I still think that levian bell brings a whole nother element to the game. As far as his pass catching him being a space. You know makes it tougher to game plan against into stop. He's a different ad. Animal, but I think James Connor came in. And he did his job. I think he's the heir-apparent. I'll think Levy on bill's going to be there next year. So this was a good performance for him. A good confidence builder. I think it was great for his office of line in his offense is offense coordinator to see. He can be productive in that system and going forward, you know, he's going to be the guy until Bill gets there. I guess and going forward I think next year is his is his job to lose willy. I'm gonna put you in the shoes of Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Dirk cutter and they had a tremendous opener. I mean defense could play a little better. But offensively says good as you get if Ryan Fitzpatrick over the course of the next two games against what the eagles. I think the Steelers now exactly though for four touchdowns run for another four hundred yards every week. But if he plays at a high level and looks to be in control the way did against New Orleans once Jameis Winston comes off to suspended list Willie mcginest says Dirk cutter what do you do? I could already tell you what he's gonna do. He's gonna star riot Fitzpatrick. I know he played at a high level and the chemistry was there. He made some great plays down the field. He was poised. He ran the ball. He took care of the football. And. You know, I think this is this is something dare cutters under a little bit of pressure to win this year. So I think he's going to go with the best opportunity that gives them the ability to do that. Now will say this we've seen this for Ryan Fitzpatrick in the past he starts off. He plays some great games. And then he falls off can the question is can he play at a consistent level can play at this level being tired time. And I think as long as he has the hot head, and he's playing the way he did week one. And those teams you name has some really good defense is so it's gonna be a struggle. We'll see can you play at a high level. I think he's the starter going forward, regardless of when you know, James western comes back the Andrew luck. We saw against the Cincinnati Bengals was that the old lock right yet. Not yet. We we. We saw him short eighty media passing game. Didn't. Really throw the ball down the field. You know, outside of the, you know, throw the Eric Brahm. Outside of that. I think they understand that they need to get the ball out of his hands. He doesn't need to hold the ball and take chances enforce plays and take the unnecessary. Hip. I saw the one hit you know, that the player Gotti. Therefore for those are the things you don't wanna see forbearance. We look you. Don't want to see him be a reckless running the ball taking unnecessary hits. You wanna see a protect yourself because they do need them. I think all the Indianapolis Colts fans, you know, how to pick sides when that happened. But he's he's he's coming along. I'm not saying he's there yet where he was. I think he's coming along and they're bringing them along slowly, which I think is the right is the right way to go chat with willing to Guinness tear going deep. Dan schwartzman. NBC sports radio. Sean McDermott says he's got to examine the film to decide on what he's going to do in terms of a quarterback for week to really I mean. I mean, what are you do really what are you doing buffalo that quarterback situation going forward? I don't think you need to examine the film to see what it was it was it was performance all the way around. And you know, you you've seen this before with Nathan Peterman. But you know, the big question is do you want to put Josh out there? Yeah. How are you going to win football games? I think you've got to devise a system you don't want your young quarterback getting discouraged getting hit getting beat up. You want him to go out there and have a chance. So I think wise, you definitely got to run the ball. You've got to run the football. You got to come up with plays to get the ball out of their quarterback's hands, regardless if it speaking, you just gotta move the ball. I don't care if it's eighty eighty yards. And I don't know how many plays down the field as long as you can get the ball in the end zone a score points. But the one thing you can't do is put your quarterback in harm's way. And it was just no production. And he didn't have to look at the film. See that you know. He's got a good coaching staff. And they understand that they're going to have to make adjustments before they throw a gun quarterback was their franchise quarterback in the fire Willie last question. I the Dallas Cowboys I'm watching that offense. And I'm thinking to myself, and I have to get your thoughts. Here is that just a lack of talent on offense at the skill positions at the wide receiver. Of course, the tight end position or is also a combination of just a lack of creativity coaching wise with Scotland and hand that offense. I think they got out of what they do best. It was almost going into the fourth quarter. Three quarters in Zeke, only had came cares Zeke Elliott has ten carry crazy. I understand they're going to put people in the box. But they've been doing his entire career the run game for this team. Opens up the passing game. It always has since Linda has been there. So I think you take pressure off the quarterback by running the football more effectively. I think they have guys that can play at the receiver position. I'm not gonna sit here and say, they don't have anybody. I've seen guys all those receivers stuff with a young gal a me. I know. He's no. But I've seen Beasley. You know, I've seen what you know that the other guys Williams of some of the other guys make plays before. They've got a baby got back to what they do. Their identity is being physical running the football. And then things opened up down the field. And I think got away from that. They wear past got a little too pass. Happy got out of character. And what you get behind. You know, it's tough. Because now you eliminate the running game you gotta pass the ball, and you become one dimensional necessarily where one dimensional the offense was atrocious. Our buddy three time Super Bowl champ, NBC sports radio football insider. And of course, make sure to catch Willie on the NFL network Willie mcginest always appreciate the time. My friend. Always a pleasure. Dan. Always great catch up with our buddy Willie mcginest three time Super Bowl champ. Also, of course, NBC sports.

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