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Fever i got bit by mosquito in a way it i'm fine we're gonna talk about marijuana today in a new gallup poll at his out not just about marijuana but a new gallup poll it's out that says most americans say consuming alcohol and marijuana is morally acceptable seventy eight percent on say alcohol is sixth says what in the world is the difference or is there difference morally between drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and we'll also talk about some other things mike yanni wants the public school board delivered his banned from high schools and those everything that's a good idea or not and we'll also talk about being safe in the nation louisiana second safe state in the nation and i thought it'd be interesting to talk to somebody from the us geological survey niger somebody from there chris but a volcanologist a volcano apologist of all some spoken one isn't of volka about volcano about star trek and that's why i was hesitant to say it that way because it sounded like mr spock whatever you do today you know i think it's all about being remembered ragging what you wanna leave a positive mark on earth this obituary usa today founded is from indiana and i just read it to you kathleen dehmlow sean was born on march nineteenth nineteen thirty eight the joseph and gertrude shrunk of wabasso mary dennis them low at saint ann's mabaso in nineteen fifty seven and has two children gina and j in one thousand nine hundred sixty two she became pregnant by her husband's brother lyle deaths slow and moved to california court yeah well wait she abandoned her children gina and nj who were then raised by her parents and clements mr and mrs joseph shrunk bad enough right now gets worse she passed away on may thirty first twenty eighteen in springfield and will now face judgement she will not be missed by gina nj and they understand that this world is a better place without her so some bin laden got better obese did so try whatever you do not to be remembered by that when you leave this earth please we'll be back tommytucker glad you're with us chris miller here with news and we got josh doing traffic and sheldon williams manning master control jordan vigo doing whatever he does here we'll be back wwl.

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