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To the Johnny Carson. Show podcast I'm your host comedian will schreiner. I was lucky enough to be a frequent guest of Johnny Carson's so we're gonNA look back and enjoy some of the old shows that are making a very interesting and fun podcast. This show is from October thirteenth. Nineteen eighty-one one Janis monologue included talking. About how clear the skies were in California. You know living in California. I moved there in seventy five and you could not. Let's see the mountains in those days because of smog and so clear air clear skies became a good subject for Johnny and the monologue. Johnny also talks about having the same contractors Ronald Donald. Reagan Reagan's new plan of course was dispatching ex-presidents to different parts of the country. This has an interesting crossover because Johnny talks about Liz Taylor debuting on the daytime daytime soap opera general hospital well as a matter of fact. My twin brother kin was on general hospital. He's been on there for forty two years now but he was on there and he was returning earning he'd left to do another soap opera and he returns to catch the bouquet at Luke. And Laura's wedding where Liz Taylor is. I think the ice princess or something like that anyway. It was A. It's interesting that that reference would be in the show US having the connection the guests on the show. David Brenner does a stand up. Said David Brenner was one of the great observational donal Comedians. I knew David You know pretty well in passing. He was an avid sailor. He used to spend a lot of time in Florida where I am now George Carlin David Brenner were into the great observational comedians. who influenced so many of us from Jerry Seinfeld down people who said have you ever noticed? And that's what David was great at also on the show was Elizabeth Tash John The nut lady. Elizabeth Tajon is one of Johnny's favorite guests. He would bring on various nuts from her her museum and talk about them and Johnny would get tremendous. Johnny had tremendous report with her a they would get great laughs out of it. So that's our show today. Give it a listen From holly on the Johnny Carson. Show this is Ed McMahon inviting you to join Johnny Audie and his guests for a look. Back at some of television's funniest moments ladies and gentlemen the the thank thank. You couldn't couldn't get into the playoffs. A nice.

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